Microsoft's Stupid Commercials

Started Apr 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Microsoft's Stupid Commercials
Apr 6, 2009

Here's an excellent article on the dishonesty of Microsoft's recent advertising efforts:

I'm not just talking about using actors and pretending their real people, or that they screened these people for whether they were looking for PCs first, but the fact that they ended up buying really crappy computers. Kinda similar to the silly claims in this thread before that PCs were eactly like Macs-- only on the sense that they are both computers. Its a flat out lie to claim that these computers are somehow better or comparable to the macs they rejected.

Apple could make the same commercials and show some guy buying a 1986 era Macintosh for $25 at a garage sale and claiming "This is so much cheaper than a new HP Pavillion! Why would anyone waste $600 like that?!"

What really gets me is that they have this paolo guy, pretending to be a PC expert-- who obviously knows nothing about computers. The reason this gets me is that there are so many guys like that out there-- guys who think they know what they're talking about because they've read the PC hotrodding magazines (written by equally ignorant guys)...and because these dipthongs think that they know what they're talking about innocant people think they are more knowledgable and get persuaded.

IT boils down to Microsofts false claims that PCs and macs are the same and tha you're paying a $500 premium for just the Apple brand.

Microsoft wishes this were true, and in the 1990s they had a docile press to keep people believing this (and brainwashing the so called "experts" of today) .... but due to the iPhod people gave Macs a chance and discovered they aren't more expensive and that they are, in fact, much better.

You can't argue with marketshare.

But you can desperately attempt to deceive people, and that's what Microsoft is doing with these new Ads.

What a reprehensible company!

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