Fujifilm F200EXR NO RAW, WHY?

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Re: Simple answer..
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rocklobster wrote:

How would you like the RAW pixels - as single pixels per photosite to
get full resolution or double pixels to get lower noise?

Now bear with me as I explain what is MY UNDERSTANDING of how the EXR
sensor works. I COULD BE WRONG. Please tell me if I am with the
backup of certified technical information.

From my understanding of the technical description of the sensor the
(binning) between adjacent pixels (of the same colour) is done by
physical connection to make the noise reduction effective. Separating
them and then trying to reproduce the result in software would he
just averaging signal and noise between two potosites - not nearly as
effective - a result similar to existing sensors that capture high
ISO shots at a lower resolution.


You are wrong, the sensor uses a bayer pattern with matched pairs of pixels. Instead that the mosaic has 2 green and 1 red and 1 blue of square shape and aligned in chessboard manner, all colors are present in round (octo) pairs aligned side by side and offset or assymetric compared to a normal Bayer. So let's see what Ricoh does to enhance dynamic.

They separate the colors and evaluate in a software how much green is too much or not enough present and balance this in a software inside the camera. Fuji goes a step further by recording just too much of all and balance it. On HDR shots they separate the pixels and instead of recording one balanced 12 mpix shot, they record one 6 mpix with one set of pixels and another shot with the other 6 mpix with different exposures and then balance it in a software inside the camera to a hdr picture.

So, tell me now what is the difference doing that inside the camera with soft or on a computer with soft and doing it there the way you want and see it and not the way the camera wants it to be. S5 shots have shown that computer rework of the raw always produced better results then camera internal. Note that all hdr shots of the Fuji F200 are over-sharpened and have good visible artifacts and halos on the picture. I don't know how far one can change the settings to avoid this, something I will not see myself since without raw, this camera is valueless for me.

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