How many switched back to PC from Mac?

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How many switched back to PC from Mac?


I'm about to make a bold decision. Last Feb. I bought a macbook pro 15.4" intel dual core (2.0 GHZ), 2 gb ram, Nvidia 128mb, laptop. I was a primarily a pc user and am fluent in both pc and mac. At the time I was choosing a laptop though, this photographer I was assisting for told me I would be excommunicated from work as a pro-photographer in the future if I used a pc. I took his valuable advice and bit the bullet.

Well I'm still really into photography, but not a pro at the moment (would like to be someday). Even still I am back to school pursuing another bachelor's degree in Computer info systems (which we primarily use pc's for).

I have been very dissappointed in mac so far and its only been a year. The monitor seems very inaccurate for editing (even after calibration), the ram is expensive (unless you want to void your applecare), it is slow (my dell xps desktop from 2004 with comparable specs is faster!!), and the battery life sucks (tried to get it checked out but apple kind of said "F%$#" off on this issue).

So basically, with my grievances, and my current academic venture, I'm looking into getting another pc. I want a laptop that I can edit photos on and do my school work on.

Has anyone else experienced these issues? Did they bother you? Were you happy to be back to pc and windows?

most important....what place does pc have in pro-photography?? I used to know one pro that used pc and no ad co neglected his creds for work. Is mac just a fan-club that pro photographers just want everyone to belong to. I am starting to relaize what a sick photo-editing machine I could have built for my 2300 dollars I spent on my mbp.

comments please. Advice please!!

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