Took the 5DII Plunge – Need a little Help, Please

Started Jan 24, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Took the 5DII Plunge – Need a little Help, Please

Hello everyone,

Believe it or not I found an unsold 5DII, which didn’t stay unsold for long and will arrive on Tuesday. I decided that my 5 pieces of Canon glass that have been sitting in the closet for 3 years needed to be fed. I was also considering the D3x to complement my D3 and D700 but the cost could not be justified (as if I need the 5DII) and I liked what was on this forum so now I am schizophrenic again. Please don’t ask the why’s because I need some quick and dirty info on a couple of things about the 5D so I can be off and running……so I can determine whether or not to return it (perish the thought) after 14 days. I will do a firmware upgrade almost immediately and really do not want to spend too much time reading the manual. . So, these items I need to ask.

1. I shoot RAW and prefer it. What setting(s) do you prefer for good bit depth and conservative file size?

2. Haven’t used DPP for awhile and want to use LightRoom just for this short time. Does it support the 5DII with the firmware upgrade? Do you like the results in LightRoom?

3. I will be using the 5DII mostly for landscape so I remember Canon has picture styles. Any optimal settings? Exposure issues?

4. To contradict my last item I have read about some issues w/580EXII strobe. I have the original 580EX. Any issues?

5. In passing I noticed there exists a DR expander (don’t know if this is the right term). Has anyone found the shadow areas noisy? Anyone used it?

I may have a few more questions but if anyone wishes to make any helpful suggestions that will reduce any frustration time I would appreciate it. BTW I am not going to use the video immediately.
Thanks in advance.


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