AA and AAA NiMH low self-discharge tests--Round 2

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One hour readout--Delkin third worst tested
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archae86 wrote:

Kalrog wrote:
My cycling step is almost complete as I type. In the LaCrosse, this
repeats until two successive discharges give matching capacity.
Sometimes one can see initially poor cells "walk" up quite a bit.
These did not do that. Other good news is that they appear far
better matched in this cycling than they were initially. The
LaCrosse has yet different measurement methods, and I am using a 500
mA discharge for the cycling, so the absolute value is not too
significant, but the the observed capacities for the four cells are
2000, 2010, 2030, and 2050 mAHr, which is quite decent matching, and
a good deal closer to the expected result for a 2300 label claim than
the wretched as-shipped capacity.

I now have the standard method one-hour readout for the Delkin 2300s. Compared to the wretched results for as-shipped capacity and matching, these results are much improved, but are still much worse than one might expect given the aggressive label capacity claim.

The detailed results are:

1997 1988 2023 1970 mAHr capacity by cell
so 1995 mean and .027 var

For comparison, here are my measurements by the same method and in the same test equipment for other AA low self-discharge cell sets

One hour retention

Capacity and variation

AA low self-discharge

battery 1 hour var
ENL 1980 0.010
TPE 1932 0.074
HYB 2026 0.006
ACC 2022 0.002
RHY 2021 0.017

DPC 2010 0.011
ENO 2017 0.013
KPC 2124 0.018
AMX 2078 0.027
IME 2186 0.035
GRY 2116 0.017

Only the Eneloop (which only claim 2000 capacity) and the Titanium Power Enduro scored a lower mean capacity than these claimed 2300 Delkin cells.

While the cell-to-cell variation is hugely better at this readout than it was for the as-delivered reading, it is still tied for third worst in that respect, so not a paragon of matching.
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