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Canon: Please stop the Megapixel race. Start the ISO race.

Started Oct 31, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Canon: Please stop the Megapixel race. Start the ISO race.
Oct 31, 2008

First let me say I am a Canon user and have been very satisfied with their products. I'm concerned however with the strategic path the company seems to be taking. Why keep this megapixel race madness going? Who needs a G10 with 15 Megapixel? I would rather take a 8 megapixel G10 with better ISO. Who needs a 15 megapixel 50D only to get disappointing results as in the the review just posted here?

Some people will say that the average "Joe" only cares about megapixel and that can't be changed. I beg to differ. This reminds me of the Megahertz race in Intel processors of a couple of years ago. Remember that? Everyone was trying to sell processors based on one metric alone: megahertz. And nobody thought it could change either. Then one day, Intel started realizing that you would need to ship a power plant with each processor or settle for 15 min battery life on a laptop and this is when it stopped. Now the focus is all on battery life and multi-processors: efficiency. And they were very successful at getting out of the Megahertz race, from a marketing standpoint.

I would argue we are at a similar inflection point in the camera market. Why keep on the Megapixel race when most knowledgeable people know we are hitting the lens resolution limit? (look-up an article on lens resolution limit in the Luminous-landscape: 15 Megapixel is about the limit for APS-C... and it's already stretching it). Why doesn't Canon take the lead on this and start changing their marketing spill to high ISO, low light performance, sharp pictures. It can be done. It has been done in other markets. One can even argue that Nikon has sensibly moved in that direction, and with visible success.

So please Canon: We don't want to sell our wonderful lenses and flashes to switch to Nikon. Please stop the madness and give us cameras with better ISO instead of better resolution. We really don't want to move to Nikon, but you are making our choice to stay with you harder and harder these days. Stop the megapixel race. Start the ISO race!


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