★ STF Challenge 178: VOTING ★

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★ STF Challenge 178: VOTING ★
Oct 7, 2008

As has been the custom, a public service announcement by the host is in order for starting the voting thread off. Since there were two hosts this time around, you're all in for a treat: you get to enjoy reading TWO public service announcements!

From Frank:

First to say thanks to you all for joining the challenge in whichever way possible. With your entries, comments, back office work in the gallery or the thread (sorry for being off-line for a while last week myself). Also very BIG thanks to my co-host Martin, who did a refreshing job on the galleries and the thread (Martin, you star!). I am very happy to see quite a good number of entries in the galleries. The challenge still is alive and will be kicking in the future. Let's also continue discussing and working on it to make things better.

Now please take time for voting. Every entry deserves a review and every vote is certainly meaningful for the photographer.

From Martin:

First I want to apologize for not having much time to participate in the galleries, especially the commenting. I also hoped to enter a shot in Eligible but it wasn't to be. However, the turnout was a great sign of hope for future challenges. I hope we can get participation levels back up to where they used to be. The amount of Eligible entries, if the gallery pages were split into 36 thumbs as in the past, would've resulted in a 2-page gallery. Let's see a 3-page turnout next time! We've done it before, we can do it again!

Much thanks to all who entered and commented. I'm also grateful to all who helped out when someone had trouble with pbase as well as to those who helped keep the main thread up on the first page in the forum! And finally many thanks to my co-host Frank for doing what needed to be done in both the galleries and the main thread, especially given that he was also short for time and with access problems. Kudos, Frank dude!

I hope to see everyone in the next challenges, especially the first-timers and those who grudgingly decided to try the challenge out after complaining that pbase was a chore. We all know it is, but even as it is, I believe it's worth making an effort to get on board and participate in these fun challenges!

The Voting System

(how about we put these guidelines in pbase next time just link to them from here, along with a jump to warren's booth?)

The voting system is provided to us by Warren Sarle and can be accessed at the link below:

First, you should select the Sony Eligible and/or the Sony Exhibition gallery for voting. It will open a window with all the thumbnails listed from the selected gallery... the loading will take just a moment until fully finished. You can click on the "show help" button for explanations, but here is a short synopsis about usage...

I suggest checking the 4 check boxes at the top of the page for displaying the image titles, etc. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a new window of the photo's "full-scale" viewing in PBase. Below each picture is an evaluation line. It includes points from 4 to 1, "H" for honorable mention, "X" to move the thumbnail to the end of the page, and "0" if you want to clear a vote on an image. You can award points by clicking once on the appropriate number below the thumbnail.

PLEASE remember to do two things: 1) enter your dpreview ID name as your "name" when voting and 2) always hit the "Save your votes" button when you are finished awarding your votes. A new window will then appear and display your selections.


PLEASE post a short message back to this voting thread after you're done to indicate that you've voted. This helps validate your votes... plus, you can be notified if something is in error (e.g. you forgot to save your votes, etc.). On the rare occasion a 'bad apple' tries to cheat the system, the votes are simply disqualified.
Rules for awarding points are the same as always:

• First, you must cast 4 points for your favorite single photo in each of the galleries you vote for. If your time is very short, PLEASE try to choose at least one favorite entry from each of the two galleries.

• After awarding your 4-point favorite, you can then award up to 12 more points in each gallery that you're voting for. That means you have 16 points total to work with for each gallery (32 points total for both galleries). You're not required to cast any or all of these additional 12 points, or to cast them the same way in each gallery. You can award the remaining votes however you like, keeping in mind the following guideline...
• Award between 1 and 4 points to each of your additional selections.

To show appreciation for each other's work, please don't vote for any of your own photos. Header photos should not receive any votes either. Please vote honestly and in the good spirit of these challenges by reviewing the merits of ALL of the photos.

After finishing the voting process in one gallery, you can go back to http://www.warrensarle.com/vote/ and select the other gallery for voting.

Please vote, whether you entered photos or not. Thanks again to all who participated, and good luck to everyone!

Martin & Frank

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