Why I went with OLY, why I stayed, and wondering if I should continue

Started Sep 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
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W.C. Green
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Why I went with OLY, why I stayed, and wondering if I should continue
Sep 24, 2008

I got my first OM-1 back in the late '70s when I was a kid. I always hated things that were considered the "IN" thing, or, if it was VERY popular... then I probably wanted something else. I always wanted to be unique, thinking mediocrity usually thrived in the masses. So, I begged Mom and Dad for an OLY.

When I decided to get back into photography through my art career, I stayed with OLY for those same reasons. Never had a large bag of lenses, and wasn't knowledgeable enough to know better, honestly. It took good shots for my painting purposes.

When I started doing professional photography for other actors... I got an OLY point and shoot. Mastered that thing, and got an E-10. Then an E-20, then the E-1, then the E-3. Never owned another camera. Could not care less about size... its a non-issue to me. In fact, I honestly like weight. Like driving a light Yugo vs driving a heavy Mercedes sedan... you feel the quality in the heft in my book.

I waited, like many of you, for a LONG time for that E-3 to come out. I do feel I am producing much better images than those I did with my E-1 ( a camera I loved and wanted to keep). However, though I still primarily do headshots, and my E-3 with the 50/f2 does great for these... I want to start doing a great deal more fine art work... low dramatic light, and producing large, prints... 17" wide, etc.

I am at an upcoming crossroads this year. I have been dreaming of selling my current lenses, and getting the 11-22, 14-35, and the 35-100. However, I am a bit worried that after investing in these lenses this coming year, I will not see a CONSIDERABLY improved low light performance and considerably improved pixel count on the new E-xx... whenever it does come.

So... do I sink a bank into those lenses, and gamble that the body I need is going to come out soon? Or move to another system? I've never used another camera! I love that OLY makes a succinct and focused line of lenses. There isn't a MASS of junk items you have to sort through to get to the good glass like with Canikon. When I look at their lenses on BH... my head spins. Sony has a short lineup that is easy to follow... but mostly primes right now.

So any thoughts? I know many are with OLY for different reasons... weight etc. I went with them to be different, stayed with them to be different, and weight is not a factor in my decision. Should I stick with it, get the new glass this and next year, and have faith the new body will do what I need? I hate the thought of going to some other brand, but I need some good low light, quite few more pixels, and pretty soon... not years.

"Talent does what it can. Genius does what it must."

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