A4-sized solution (preferrably not wet-ink)

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Svein Skogen
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A4-sized solution (preferrably not wet-ink)

From time to time I wish for a good quality (simlar to what my Selphy does for 4x6) prints of some of my photos in A4 size.

However, my previous experiences with inksprayers has left me somewhat sceptical to the entire ink solution, mostly due to inks drying out, nozzles clogging up, wet-and-messy printouts that need an eternity to dry, etc. Which is why I primarily want a dyesub, but the costs of the kodak 9810 (which is the only one I've seen so far) makes most of my photo gear seem cheap...

This has got me considering other solutions, such as the Phaser 8560 "crayon-sprayer", which appears to be a 2400dpi 1-bit-per-color CMYK job that like lasers use dithering patterns.

The question is, if I output 300ppi of color from Lightroom to the driver, and let the printer driver perform 2400dpi dithering, will this printer (provided I do some calibrating) do decent on-the-spot printouts on glossy paper? (good enough, and leave "perfect" printouts to pay-per-page shops)

Or is wet-and-messy ink the "only" solution that is good enough. If I need to go wet-and-messy, is there a good printer out there with ethernet connection and less-than-intrusive drivers for a multi-machine network (all machines running Vista, two of them running Vista/x64)?

Anybody who can shed some light on this?

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