1DsIII or 5Dii - is there a wide angle solution to match the D3+ 14-24?

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steve rb
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1DsIII or 5Dii - is there a wide angle solution to match the D3+ 14-24?

My first post here in many years. I have been a semi (very semi) professional landscape / wedding photographer for a long time and I have predominantly shot with Nikon in the past, my last camera being a D2x. Several times over the years I watched Canon product get updated, renewed, replaced and developed at a much faster rate than my gear and I frequently regretted my investment in my Nikon brand

I recently sold all my gear to fund a (overbudget….) house restoration project. I am now getting back on my feet financially and will be placed to re-buy a new body and lens line-up towards the end of the year. For me, this is a very exciting proposition as I can freely choose between the two line-ups. I don’t do weddings anymore, so the 6400 iso need is really not there for me. I want pin sharp, edge to edge, landscape capability with as much resolution as possible. This is why is I was originally very disappointed to see the new D700 / D3 offereings yet again ‘not progessing’ (for me on paper at any rate) beyond my old 12Mp d2x. The 5DII has clearly whetted my appetite and I can’t wait to see what comes of the hundreds of rumours currently circulating the net.

And here my dilemma begins. I have begun spending a great deal of time researching potential lenses for my bag. The first two seem be easy choices. The 70-200f4L USM IS and the 24-105F4L USM IS. However, the more I dig the more I struggle with wide angle possibilities. I have gone too and fro with the 17-40L, given up with the 16-35 and Sigmas, finally ending up here having spent several hours on the (excellent by the way) http://www.16-9.net/lens_tests/lens_faq.html website that seems to have the most extensive lens tests of wide angle competitors I have seen.

My worry (other than getting cited as a troll…), considering the needs of my camera above, is whether I am actually going to gain anything with the expected sensor resolution boost of the 5DII given that there doesn’t seem to be a Wide angle lens to mate with it, the best out of many many tests that I’ve read seems to be the 24mmL prime. Looking particularly at the test of the Nikon 14-24 vs the best of the Canon bunch, the 24f1.4L here :

It makes me wonder whether 21MP + the best prime there is might well not match the D3 with the 14-24. In this case aren’t I just going to get ‘higher res corner distortions’? On a 20x30 print, in this case isn’t it likely to be the corner sharpness of the Canon combo that comes out as a weak point? Any shortcuts or personal experience of FF Canon wide angle sharpness you can give me would be much appreciated.

(I know these threads can get quite boisterous, so if your reply is not a genuinely helpful one please can i ask you to save it for the more rumour driven threads, this is a genuine dilema i am faced with... thanks)


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