Are Kodak flogging a Dead Horse?.

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Are Kodak flogging a Dead Horse?.

Everyone knows back in the days of film that Kodak supplied the film and made a range of cheap and nasty cameras, the last decent film camera they produced was back in the 1960s with the Retina series.

Seems to me that Kodak now want to make sensors for other brands and have a range of cheap digital cameras, I must admit that I haven't been involved with the Kodak goings on for over 12 moths so some may know something that I don't, I think back to the P880, DX7590/6490 and a few others and wonder who threw the spanner in the works after they finished.

Kodak seem to have lost the plot and have been overtaken by so many brands, many of our long time mates on this forum that waited patiently for Kodak to release a Consumer DSLR have moved onto other brands, what used to be the number one company on the sales list has now slipped so far behind its not funny, these days the only place to buy a Kodak digital camera in Australia is at the KMart, BigW, Target type stores and even they have reduced their Kodak range in preference to Fuji, Olympus and Canon.

If Kodak are serious about staying in the Digital Camera market they need to pull their head up out of the sand an do something pretty quick while they still have some Kodak support from the public, I doubt if that will happen though.

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