Stop blaming dpreview

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Stop blaming dpreview
Sep 2, 2008

I read all the posts in the "DPR 50D samples now up - what do you think?" thread and most of the other threads about the sample galleries for the 50D and D90.

Regarding the 50D images: I am astounded at all the blame aimed at dpreview for failings in the image quality from that camera. It's not dpreview's fault when the camera is not producing what Canon says it will. Some of you have said the photographer took lousy pictures that don't represent what the true output of the camera is or will be, and you've made really insulting remarks about the photographer's lack of skill.

It DOESN'T MATTER what the skill level of the photographer is to test technical things in a camera's images or to analyze those things. Anyone with true photographic knowledge can view those pictures and make reasoned determinations from them. I seriously doubt that the photographer was trying to win a prize for content or composition in those pictures, although I think many of them are just fine when it comes to those things.

It's ironic and hypocritical that SO many people here are always saying this is a "gear forum" yet they expect subject and compositional perfection in sample pictures. The only thing that should matter to all you gearheads is that there's enough in the pictures to study them for technical reasons and determinations. Noise, banding, and detail can be easily scrutinized in those pictures and also color reproduction to some extent.

Blaming the photographer or the lenses is ridiculous (except for CA). And if anything is at fault because of the lenses, what does that say about Canon lenses?? Some of you have even said the poor quality of the images could be because dpreview got a bad copy of the camera that doesn't focus correctly. Where have I heard THAT before? And what does THAT say about Canon's QC?

Of course the fanboys will never accept that the 50D just may not be as good as Canon says it is. There are some of you who appear to have a clue and realize that the 50D is or could be a let down, but there are many who make excuse after excuse and try to put the blame where it will do the most good, on anything BUT the camera or Canon.

Now, I'm not saying that the sample images are everything everyone ever needs to see, but they do show some things and those things do matter. The same thing goes for the D90 or any other camera.

The Canon fanboys were obviously expecting a camera that would blow away the "competition" and make their egos swell with pride, and many of the fanboys are still hoping for that by refusing to believe that the sample images represent what the 50D puts out. Sure, working a raw file will likely produce a little bit better image, but the camera still won't cure the flu or stop an asteroid from slamming into the earth someday.

It's just a camera and it has imperfections. For some people it will be just fine and for others it won't. Making excuses or blaming the photographer won't change anything and won't make the sample images any less credible. Believe it or not, there's much more to the world than the 50D, Canon, or singing the praises for Canon, even when they don't deserve it. The same thing applies for any other camera company. Get real, look at the images with an objective mind and see what's really there. If it's good enough for you and you want the camera, fine, but don't blind yourself to the imperfections, and the hype from a camera company.

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