Re: Nikon announces Coolpix P6000 with GPS

Started Aug 8, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Peter Horn
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Re: Nikon announces Coolpix P6000 with GPS
Aug 8, 2008

Since I bought my Coolpix 4500 which I am still using (despite of its sluggish response) Nikon has brought up countless new models in the Coolpix line, some of them really nice constructions but always with serious defects that keep me from buying them.

I second the opinion that Nikon is really brilliant at regularly improving their already excellent SLRs, but the Coolpix line is constantly going the wrong way for years now. I am quite sure Nikon could do much, much better here by simply readjusting priorities.

Lenses lacking speed, still slow response, bad ergonomics in many (not all), image quality mediocre for anything above basic ISO because they continue to crank up pixel count... This is what happens if marketing is overriding all sensible opinion.

The P6000 could be such another good product - from the pictures and most of the features it looks very promising and well done - if they only would have used a sensor with a resolution more adequate for the given sensor size - and kept the NEF format.

Chip resolution is useless if output quality is limited by less-than-perfect optics, and also simply unnecessary for print sizes commonly used by consumers 99 percent of the time. Common knowledge or not?

Why are marketing guys at Nikon so unwilling to educate consumers about the interdependence of pixel count vs. sensitivity/noise? It would suit them well not to secretly qualify their customers as morons who are to dumb to understand the simple basic fact that smaller pixels make more noise and will not guarantee better pictures. Come on, be a little bolder, make a better product and wait for the results to be acknowledged by the community. Bowing to common ignorance is not the right path to follow!

Now this is the latest stupidiy: Who needs yet another pseudo-standard courtesy of Microsoft?

And why does Nikon feel compelled at all to earn money with resource-hungry yet sluggish generic software that is forever years behind their competition? - They only use the advantage gathered from keeping parts of the NEF definition secret, well knowing that their Capture NX and all the rest would be rendered obsolote the day Adobe and Apple are able to implement the hidden details in their far superior products that are used and appreciated by the majority of users including the broad base of Canon pros and all the rest as well.

Nikon should stick to their basic mission: making the best SLRs and lenses in the world. They wouldn't lose anything if they would stop to waste resources on developing mediocre software and just disclose the NEF specs. It would only make their market position stronger, not weaker. It is all about being better, not about withholding information which is basically a demonstration of weakness.

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