Switching from film. E-510 or E520? Long. Sorry.

Started Jul 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Switching from film. E-510 or E520? Long. Sorry.
Jul 15, 2008

My first post, so I'd like to say hello to all before asking my questions. HELLO.

Been looking for a new lens for my Elan IIE past few days, but now think switching to a DSLR might be the way to go. Love the Elan, but buying film, storing it until needed, developing it (after all shots taken...too frugal to develop partial rolls), and paying for a CD so I can load the pictures on my computer seems like too much of a hassle. I don't own a film scanner (or any scanner for that matter).

I have an S2 IS that I have been using. Besides being a digital camera, there were several other reasons why I bought it. Optical zoom to 420, two macro distances, and manual focusing. Manual focusing is a joke. (Unless I have been missing something.) I sometimes have a hard time getting it to focus correctly at very close distances. (Wish I could manually focus it!) The 420 focal length has been a bright spot. Dislike the type of viewer it has. Dislike the wait between shots. That is why I was going to go back to the Elan as my #1 camera.

However, after researching the past 3 days I feel that a DSLR is probably a better way to go rather than investing in more lenses for the Elan. I only have the Sigma 28-200 I bought with it so I don't have to worry about staying in the Canon system. It seems like no one uses film any more. Shame.

I had originally dismissed the Olympus line, but after reading a few more reviews I now feel that either the 510 or 520 is my best option. No way can I afford the D300.

Reason for the 5xx over the 4xx is because I like the image stabilization in the body. I can get the 510 with the 2 lens kit for $530. The 520 is going to run $685-$700 for a one lens kit. Never seen a Live View before. Looked at one tonight, and don't think I need that option. I like the old fashion way of looking through the viewer. Does the 520 have enough other improvements/options over the 510 to justify the extra cost? From what I've seen on here, they both take great pictures. Does the 520 focus faster than the 510? How much better is the detail with the 520? I don't think the extra 1/2 frame per second is worth a 2nd glance based on my previous camera use.

Mostly I take pictures of my grandsons, indoors and out. I prefer natural light for most shots. I like to zoom in filling the frame. Not sure I can still move my feet fast enough to zoom with them! I like taking landscape, animal and flower pictures. The lens I was looking at for the Elan was a macro, but was having second thoughts about the 85/1.8 for indoor and portraits instead. I would like to try macro photography, but it is something I haven't been able to do with the equipment I have. I think I would like it, but can't be sure until actually having tried it.

The price of the 510 kit is doable. The 520 is more of a stretch, but I would rather spend the extra money now if it is worth it than have regrets later.

I welcome all your comments. Please don't tell me to search. I've done plenty of that already! The more research I do, the more unsure I become.

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