1st Canon 40D / 450D / 18-55 / 17-55

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1st Canon 40D / 450D / 18-55 / 17-55

I'm about to buy my first DSLR. I posted a more general question in the beginners forum and got some good feedback - but it has deteriorated a little into satellite arguments between other posters.

Anyway, I've now decided to go for Canon. My narrowed down choices are:

450D + 18-55 = £500 bundle
40D + 18-55 = £530 + £160 = £690
450D + 17-55 = £460 + £700 = £1,160
40D + 17-55 = £1,140 bundle

The 18-55 is the IS 450D kit lens not its predecessor.

Initially, I'lll be taking shots of the family (and hopefully our first child in 6 months) and a few landscapes and 'general stuff'. I want good image quality. I don't want to be thinking - this isn't worth the money I paid. I want a lens which will suit me for most things (I'll probably buy another lens in a years' time but I don't want to be buying one to replace my 1st lens, rather I would like to expand my focal range capabilities if I need to).

But, by the same token, I don't want to waste money or spend more than I need to to achieve my goals.

So ... all you Canon guys ... can you let me have your views please?

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