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A 'DSLR' with EVF, will it ever happen?

Started Jun 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Steen Bay
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A 'DSLR' with EVF, will it ever happen?
Jun 9, 2008

Will Canon ever give us a 'DSLR' with an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)? Something like the Sony R1, but with interchangeable lenses. Of course it wouldn't tecnically be a 'Single Lens Reflex' camera anymore, but isn't that an outdated design for a modern digital camera anyway? Isn't SLRs with mirror vibrations and odd lens design just a relic from the film days?

Imagine a big sensor (1,6x or FF) camera with a big and bright electronic viewfinder, with the same resolution as the LCD on Nikon D300 and (of course) 100% coverage of the frame. In my opinion such a camera would be much superior to the DSLRs we use today. It would make it much easier to get the correct framing, focus and exposure.

With my old Pro1 I never used the cameras metering. It wasn't necessary. In manual mode its EVF worked like the Live View on 40D with Exposure Simulation enabled. What you see is what you get. In manual mode I simply changed the exposure until I could SEE that it was correct, and that's far superior to any metering system. (And it would be even better with a live view histogram available, which the Pro1 hadn't.)

And focusing would be better too. Contrast Detect AF is potentially more accurate than the Phase Detect AF used in DSLRs today, and if that isn't good enough, then you just magnify the image and use manual focus. 40D with 10x magnification in Live View has proved how accurate that can be.

I imagine that such a camera could use the current EF and EF-s lenses, but to take fully advantage of the new design (without mirror) it could be necessary to introduce a new line of lenses, which could be both sharper and more compact, especially when it comes to wide angle lenses. The only problem that has to be solved is AF speed, for those that need it (I don't), but P&S cameras with pretty fast AF already exist, so I'm sure that can be accomplished too.

Would you buy such a camera? I sure would, without hesitation

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