FL-36 vs Metz 48AF--Plz Clarify

Started Jun 1, 2008 | Discussions thread
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FL-36 vs Metz 48AF--Plz Clarify
Jun 1, 2008

Okay, hopefully I can get some more clarification from the helpful folks here. I've perused the forums for longer than I'd like to admit to help me in my decision. I'm tired of obsessing. Unfortunately, I don't have any camera stores in my area, otherwise, I'd go that route and try the flashes for myself. I own a Panasonic FZ-50.

Of course, if money were no object, I'd just get the fl-50 (well, then my dilemma would be fl-50 vs metz 58 af-1, hehe) ANYWAY, I can't justify spending that much. It would be nice for those few events, but I don't use an external flash that much right now and with lack of experience, I don't know even know if the FL-50 would meet my expectations. I own a Sunpak 433d right now and rarely use it; mostly because I never had good luck trying to figure it out. Most pictures with it are either too dark or subjects in the foreground are way too bright or the background is totally black. This is one reason why I started looking at TTL flashes-take out some of the guesswork.

The FL-36 is around $180. The Metz 48 AF-1 is $250 here in the US. If the difference was just recycle times, I'd stick with the FL-36 for the price difference. My biggest issue is fl36 vs metz 48 in regards to flash power. The GN values are measured at different focal lengths and misleading to me. I've heard everything on the forums here. From: the two are identical in flash power, the Metz 48 is more powerful, I've heard that the 48 is almost as strong as the fl-50 and that the metz 48 is stronger than the fl-50 at 50mm (don't know their sources, just seen it posted a few times).

So, to wind down a huge post, in order of priority:

A)Anyone with experience with both or who really knows? Does the AF 48 really have more flash power than the 36? How much more? Is it really that close to the FL-50 in these terms?

B)The Metz 48 doesn't have an "auto" mode. When would I want to shoot with auto mode as opposed to some TTL?

C)I'm assuming these flashes have comparable performance in terms of exposure control?

D)What uses have you used your FL-36 for? How about your Metz 48 AF-1?


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