Just ordered my 510

Started May 20, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Just ordered my 510
May 20, 2008

After reading and reading and reading for over a month about cameras, I finally came to a decision. I'm glad I can finally rest easy now that I've made the purchase, hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week. ^ ^

I started shopping around the same time a friend bought his D40 to take on a trip to Paris, I thought his camera was ok, but I didn't like that it required built in motor for AF to work. I thought at the time the XTI was the one to get, that is until I actually held one in my hands...

So the research started and the Four Thirds system attracted my attention right away, I love the philosophy behind it. It seemed clear that overall, Olympus's glass was much better and the possibility of owning a 7-14 lens in the future was very tempting. I was seduced by glass.

Reading more and more I began to notice that the two big houses and more specifically Canon seem to be pushing for a "full frame" 35mm sensor format and not really caring too much for their APS-C line. I make this observation based on their roadmap for lenses, where the real business is as far as I'm concerned. Now, the 4/3 format might have the possibility to compete toe to toe with the APS-C guys but against a 35mm sensor I really don't think so. So the longevity of the system got a big question mark in my book and I pretty much crossed Olympus out as a viable option.

I almost pulled the trigger on a 40D now that those rebates kicked in but I decided I didn't want to spend nearly 2k for body, memory and a decent lens. So I came right back to where I started and decided that the 510 with the 2 lens kit was and IS outstanding value and the price of admission is so low that if things don't look good for Olympus in a year's time then jumping ship won't be too bad. I want the format to succeed but I foresee some hard fights up ahead starting with Canon's answer to the D3, D300.

I'm looking forward to what Olympus has to offer come Photokina, here's hoping for some big developments in sensor technology and a new model to fit in between the 5xx and Ex

Long first post, why can't I ever keep it short? Anyway, hello everyone, hope you made it this far.

Ta ta for now

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