Why S100fs

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Why S100fs

A fair amount of (sometimes heated) debate has taken place over the last few weeks around who this camera is aimed at. Well, the matter is settled - it is obviously aimed at me.

But why?

I started off with point and shoot film camera (cant remember the manufacturer)back around 1977, progressed to a second-hand Canon A1 in the mid-eighties which was stolen somewhere around 1992. That was replaced with an olympus mu which did the job until I had sufficient funds in the late 90's and was replaced with a Minolta Dynax 500si and a couple of inexpensive sigma lenses. 1994 saw a Fuji F610 6mp super ccd at £400. Time for a change again but I clearly have very little brand loyalty.

I like the F610. Live view,some ISO control and 640x480 video which has been a lot of fun on many occasions.

So what are my options - currently the Sony A350 or this fine sounding offerring from Fuji are really the only two I have under consideration.

The Sony will use my existing sigma lenses but they are not the best and the A350 body alone is more expensive than the S100. Add to that the fact that I would be changing lenses regularly ( as I used to do) and risk introducing dust into the system rules the 350 out for the time being.

So to the S100. IQ still up for debate but from what I have seen on this forum, better than anything I have used so far. Same video but now with zoom. Very versatile lens. Same £400 as the F610 was 4 years ago. Give that by far the majority of the thousands of pics taken with the F610 sit dormant on my computer, I just cannot lose. Bargain.

It will tide me by for a few years and get me back into "proper" photography and crucially will let me know if I still have sufficient enthusiasm to justify in the region of a couple of £k on a semi proffessional outfit with a quality single lens (hmmm - sounds like the S100).

So the camera has been ordered. From Harpers and will hopefully arrive sometime this week. I have not experienced such anticipation since - well - since a long time.


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