Canon 420EX vs Sigma 530 DG ST

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Re: 420EX has one big drawback IMHO...
In reply to Alain D, Jan 2, 2008

As before... FEC is good for most shots, but if you want to reduce the flash output by more than -2EC (1/4th power) then you're outta luck. With manual, you can go far lower; 1/64th on my 430EX. That's like -6EC if I'm doin' me math correctly.

Give you an example... I sometimes use the 430EX at a mere 1/32th to optically trigger some studio strobes, but not add any appreciable light, of it's own, to the shot.

Also, using FEC is not a fixed and predictable burst [read amount] of light; flash output is still governed by what E-TTL "sees".

Don't get me wrong, I think the 420EX flash is a great unit, but I do miss Manual firing mode; no biggy for most people and/or 99% of shots.


Alain D wrote:
Althought you can set the FEC in the camera (XT and later) to
increase/decrease the flash power, so wouldn't that take care of it ?

secheese wrote:

... you cannot set it to fire manually. ie. It will only do E-TTL,
which is fine for most shots, but dammit... when manual is required,
it's sure nice to have. I would recommend the 530EX over the 420EX.

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