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Irresponsible Canon Repair Service

Started Sep 20, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Irresponsible Canon Repair Service
Sep 20, 2007

Please post your experiences of Canon's Repair Services. I posted this in the SLR lens forum also. BTW. Does anyone know where I should direct this email. I sent it to the Canon's Repairment Center Email Address. Thanks in advance.

This is mine. I emailed this letter to them today. I removed the reference numbers for this posting.

"I am writing this letter to express my disappointment with Canon's Repair services. This is my case: I have a EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS in which the IS was acting up and not operating appropriately. So I decided to bring it in for servicing on July 31st, 2007 since I had an upcoming wedding to help photograph for a friend on Sept 23, 2007. I thought this was more than enough time to get it serviced before than. But it wasn't the case.

I received the lens back. And the repair statement said that the IS unit was replaced. However, when I tested the lens, instead of the IS acting up. I receive a err1 message every second shot. Which is worst functionally than just having the IS act up. So I brought in the lens again for servicing on Aug 14th, 2007 again thinking there is more than enough time to have this problem fixed. The representive at that time told me that they will put a rush in to fix the lens since it was still not working. To my disappointment, the acknowledgement for repair was on Aug 21st,2007. A whole week after I have dropped it off and than I had to wait 15 business days to receive the lens back. When I did finally received the lens back, Technician's notes states "Checked all and tested o.k. No fault found". I promptly checked the lens again and of course after two shots I get an err1 message. Being a reasonable individual, the first assumption is whether it's my camera that is at fault. So I went to a camera shop and put another ef-s 17-55 IS lens from the shop on my camera and there was no problems at all with the new lens in the store. Now I am really disappointment since Canon had my lens for about 3 weeks this time and obviously the appropriate diagnostic procedures doesn't seem to have been performed since my lens was still faulty.

So I brought it in for the third time on Sept 4, 2007. The representative stated at that time it's probably best to send in the camera as well just in case. I stated to the representative that I had a wedding to shot on Sept 23rd, 2007. The representative stated that I would received the camera and lens back before than and that there will be a rush on it since the initial problem still exists. Now it's Sept 20th, and the wedding is only a few days away and I still haven't received my equipment back from Canon. I called Canon today, and the representative says the technician is currently "working" on the equipment. And there is no way to get a rush on my equipment. I am very concern with Canon's Servicing department. First of all the repair first was appropriately corrected or fixed and the secondary diagnostic was performed thoroughly. Even with my minimal technical know how concerning lens repair, I was still able to pin point that the lens was at fault even though your paid technicians couldn't. I am also very disappointed in how you deal with customers that are bringing back an item that wasn't repaired appropriately. The "Rush" on repair really doesn't mean a thing since the second and the third time actually took longer than the very first time I brought in the lens. I think putting things on "Rush" is just to make the customer feel more comfortable but really has no bearing in the actually repair time.

So today is Thursday and the wedding is Sunday. So even if the repair center finishes the repair today or tomorrow. I will essentially not get it before the wedding since shipping back to me takes 2 days. I will have to pick it up if it is done before the weekend myself which means loss in income for myself since I'll essentially have to take time off work to pick up the lens. So it will actually make more sense for me to rent the equipment instead which is needless if Canon's repair service has done things appropriately. So although this is a letter of complaint. It is also a letter of advice to change your protocols of how you deal with customers. Please respond to this Email ASAP so I know at least that Canon listens to there customers. And hopefully something can be resolved in my situation ASAP. "

So here is my experience. I just had to express my disappointment. Any ideas in getting my equipment back more promptly? Good thing I'm the main photographer for my friend's wedding. Just doing it for her as a favour. If I was I would be really upset.

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