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How to shoot Football 101
In reply to MarkHaertl, Sep 14, 2007

I was thinking it might be helpful to share how I shoot football.

Get the game early do a quick equipment check and make sure everything is in working order. This is a good time to get some good non game action shots. Look for fans with their faces painted or candid player sideline action as they warm up. Also this is a good time to get cheerleader shots so you don’t have to waste game time later. During the national anthem or school song is a great time to get nice close player shots that the parents will eat up. Also getting a wide shot up close of the toss is always a cool shot to if they will let you on the field.

Now that the game is starting here are some simple 10 tips to get great action of the game.

1) Don’t be afraid to trade ISO for shutter speed. Sports need to be shot at 1/500 or faster. If you can get to 1/1000 even better

2) Make the shutter scream 400 iso in the sun will give you the speed you need to freeze every blade of flying grass and dirt. Your shutter goes to 1/8000 don’t be afraid to use it that’s what it is there for.

3) Get low…. Not only does this go a long way in cleaning up the background but it makes the players (the younger the better) look bigger the life.

4) Don’t be afraid to shoot away from the pack. Find an angle that is “yours” and own it.
5) Use everything in your bag you bought it why not use it

6) Don’t worry about chimping you can do that when u get home. If you missed the shot it doesn’t matter you can’t get it back. You will miss even more live action trying to see what you may or may not have in the camera.

7) Share your work in forums it’s a great way to learn and to share what you have already learned with others. We all had to start some where don't worry if you think it's not great you will get there in time.

8) It’s better to have a few fast lenses then a bunch of slow ones. Fast glass is priceless for sports.

9) Primes rule for sports it makes you think more when you shoot and there is no zooming to mess up so you can just shoot.
10) If you have a idea try it that’s how you learn
Some other tips once you get the hang of the above.

Use a monopod on your lens and kneel (or sit if you’re in the end zone) on the ground so you can get as low as you can.

On plays outside the red zone get about 15 yards ahead or behind of the play. Behind the QB you can get great hand off shots, receives with their body and face turned to the QB trying to get a pass, and best of all the blitz. Ahead of the QB you will mostly be shooting run plays or short passes. When they get into the red zone get in the center of the end zone. This will give you the angle you need to get the crazy action of the players as they are trying to get into the end zone. You may also get some good jub shots as well after a touchdown.

Shoot the shot you want then run off a few frames behind it. With everyone so tight in a bunch you really need to shoot in bursts so you can get that 1 shot that gives you the most faces.

Set your exposure to +1/3 (in the daytime) to open up the faces that will be in shadow due to the masks.

No matter what lens you are using shoot tight. Tight action shots give the viewer a feeling of being in the game. This is why shooting so low is very important. The players will look larger than life, the backgrounds will be cleaner and your images with have more pop to them. Nothing is better than seeing the eyes of a player while he is in action. The look of joy, pain, sad, happy is what sells the image to the viewer.
Any questions shoot me a email bryen@bryenford.com

Hope this will be helpful.

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