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Mark53 wrote:

1. Depth of field. Had you been using "A" mode, or otherwise paying
attention to your aperture settings prior to switching to "M"?
Reason I ask is, aperture and the resulting DOF can be controlled in
any mode, even P. Just wondering why DOF was suddenly improved upon
switching to "M".

2. Exposure. Now that you are experimenting in "M", how are you
using your meter? Are you setting the shutter speed and aperture
dials so the meter is centered at the "0" (zero) point? Have you
changed metering mode as well, like moving from matrix to
center-weight? Just asking because if you use the meter to simply
center the meter on "0", this will be the same exact exposure value
that the camera would have provided in any of the other P, S or A
modes. Now if you're using some judgment based on the scene to vary
exposure from the "0" point, then I can understand how your exposures
may be looking different than your "norm" in the auto exposure modes.

1. Prior to my trying the M mode I was always using A or S depending on what I was shooting. i.e. A to try and control dof in landscapes and S to control shutter speed for action shots (you know..the kind of stuff it tells you in books.) What I have seen already with the M mode, and i'm not sure why, is that it is easier to get a handle on both settings simultaneously, and hence have a feeling of more control over the final outcome. You may note that I am my own critic in this case and a shot that felt good to take has invariably now felt good to look at, i like the sharp areas more, and i like the bokeh in the unsharp areas more.....hence, why i said I thought my DoF control improved.

2. You hit the nail here, I have been gaining experience with the camera for a few months and hence I am starting to gain an appreciation for how the meter might react to certain lighting situations. I have immediatley noticed that using M mode gives me more confidence that I can control the final exposeure by judging if what the camera tells me is 'neutral' might produce an under, or overexposed shot. Shooting with M allows me to control where the limitations of the dynamic range of the camera will lie in relation to the lighting of the scene.

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