what Nikon got right

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what Nikon got right
Sep 4, 2007

With all the hoopla around the D3 and D300 releases, you'd think the new Canon line up was about as technologically advanced as the old D60!

Truth is, the new Canon cameras are awesome. Besides the AF glitch for some of the 1D3s, they really did knock it out of the park.

I do however, feel the need to point out some of the points Nikon has gotten right. Hopefully many of you will agree and maybe Canon will listen for future designs.

1. Responsiveness. 55ms for the 1D series....37ms for the D3. That's just plain ridiculous! Even the D300 is better than the 1D series at 45ms. Why can Canon not improve this? Canon should do better. To me this is more important than a faster AF engine. I find the current AF speed fine, it's the shutter lag that kills me. It's taking a lot to get used to.

2. Dual CF slots. Why does Canon think I want to invest in two different card formats? Especially over time, I have many, many CF cards. Some are 512, other 4GB. Using dual CF slots if perfect if you want to shoot RAW+Jpeg. 4GB in slot one, 2GB in slot two. Change both cards at the same time as they are (roughly) filled at the same time. I really don't want to have to buy 3 or 4 new SD cards just to use the feature of dual cards.

3. Crop factor. Nikon really has this right. You can use a crop lens on their FF sensor. Even though you have to shoot in crop mode, at least it's possible. With Canon, they say with some crop lenses you could hit the mirror on a FF or 1.3 camera? Why is it that Nikon can accomplish this feat but Canon cannot? Did Nikon just see into the future better? This is why I have never bought an AF-S lens, even when there are some very good lenses out there. I know Nikon has a patent on their crop shooting sensor system, but you'd think Canon could develop an alternative. For some events, I don't want to shoot 10mp at 10fps. It bogs down my workflow way too much.

4. Auto-focus tracking by color. Ok, this one is a wait and see feature since the camera is not out yet. On paper, this is genius. I'm going to have to rent a D3 just to try it, because to me, the concept is brilliant.


5. HDMI outputs. This may seem like a non-pro feature and therefore trivial to many people...but it is still far, far better than VGA output. When I've plugged my camera into my 42" tv to show clients or friends some shots from the day...and it shows up at 640x480 in the center of the screen...looking like garbage. Thank you HDMI hook up. 1280x768 HD and full screen. If you haven't see how awesome your shots can look on a plasma, you won't get it. Again, Nikon has adopted current and forward looking technologies and Canon has continued with outdated stuff. This is at the bottom of the list because it's not really that important of a feature, but it does show where Nikon is looking and where Canon is too.



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