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Roger Knight
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Re: Canon EOS 40D Beta Samples Gallery
Aug 26, 2007

Oh dear. How thoroughly disappointing to see so very much CA (chromatic aboration), including purple fringing in the high contrast areas of some of the photos and indeed a wash of purple cast on very light coloured elements too, even away from the edges . In Particular look at img_0386.jpg and you will see that pretty much all of the structure of the bridge roadway supports have a purple glow. That is just plain bad especially in 2007. Have a look at the head of the fret boards on the guitars too where the manufacturers names are engraved into the wood.

I had hoped that Canon could by now have matched Olympus in real world photographs but alass no!

My view is that the primary reason for these failures is because the film type lenses cannot be programed to the camera or by lens sorftware upgrades to bring the light pointstogether efectively enough because they don't have the technology built into the lenses that the the more verstile and advanced four thirds system does. It's not all about the glass at this end of the market. Look at top of the range Zeiss and there will be a difference but at a huge cost differential because they start with sold glass and crystals and so on and not moulded elements. "Thee get's what thee pays for Sir".

I'm yet to see any noticeable fringing in any E510 Olympus Shots from any review site to date. So whilst I'm not saying that Olympus' glass technology is any less than the top of the range NIKANON, (it's probably on balance a little better), but the real difference comes in the year 2007 and earlier digital lense technology that appears to make up for any CA shortfalls that still might otherwise have been present. Look at what you can get out of Zukio's 14-52 f2.8 non ED glass lens and you will see what I'm raving on about. No visible purple fringingbecause they can get the light points to hit the sensor elements correctly. So we know that it can be done. Just to even further state the truth of the preceeding, Check through reviews where the new lightweight Zukio14-42 entry level lense has been used and you will still see no CA

It will be interesting to see if the NIKON D3 and D300 have succeeded in this quest with NIKON's new Chromatic aboration setup.

Perhaps if it does not work, then we might see a complete new range of programable lenses rushed out by NIKANON to try to compete with the superb ZUKIO range.

So far, I feel that NIKANON have collectively just hoped it will go away or that entheusiasts would not notice and even perhps forgive them but I know that excessive CA is the reason why so many Film SLR bods and bodesses have not yet made the digital switch. Perhaps with the imminent release of the new E1 replacement they may do just that.

Already NIKANON must be rueing their combined early decisions not to digitise the optics. unlike the smart people at Olympus, Panasonic and Leica have done with their four thirds lenses. It would have been so very simple from the outset to do so.

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