Tired of G9 Complaints

Started Aug 21, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Tired of G9 Complaints
Aug 21, 2007

Talk about being ungrateful. If I was a Canon designer and saw this forum I would probably hang myself.

They come out with such an amazing camera and instead of getting compliments they get this? There really is no pleasing some...

I would have never thought that Canon would offer RAW and risk hurting their D-SLR sales, but they did it.

You guys moan about the higher resolution. Well I would rather have even 16MP. I love cropping and detail. In the film days I adored Medium/Large format. I wish I could get a Hassy H3D with 39MP. How can anyone NOT like more detail and resolution??? It's like saying I hate having MORE MONEY.

OK you say noise. You guys wish it had 6MP or even 3MP for the sake of noise. Well get a 12MP image and resize it to 6MP or 3PM and you noise will be way way less!

Furthermore all this noise issue is SO over hyped. The vast majority of my shots are outdoors and with my G7 I am always stuck at ISO80 anyway. Even on cloudy days and close to sunset the IS makes sure that I seldom stray away from ISO80. Do you guys only go out to shoot at nights? Or do you hands tremble like mad?

Also noise is not that big a of a deal. In the film days no one complained about grain. Everyone loved Tri-X and it was noisey (I mean "grainy") like hell! Even ISO100 films had lots of grain. But with Digital all they care about is noise. On the D-SLR forums people were complaining about the noise on an ISO 800 image of the new EOS-40D. Well I quite liked that image with the "grain". It adds character.

I agree that the noise reduction can be quite bad sometimes. Well the G9 has RAW so there is no need for noise reduction or do the noise reduction yourself.

When I first got the G7 I was amazed with the performance of the lens. I though it was good for even 20MP. Now I am glad I have at least 12. Can't wait for the G10 with 16MP!

Another thing. You guys complain about the higher resolution, but not that the sensor size has increased! No one mentions this! The sensor has gone from 1/1.8" to 1/1.7" by the way.

Please don't buy the G9! If I was part of the team that designed the G9, I would blacklist you all and NEVER SELL YOU ONE!

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