GX 100 autofocus: so which is correct?

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GX 100 autofocus: so which is correct?

I am very interested in buying this camera but it is not cheap and conflicting reviews do not help. I specifically want the camera for low light indoor candids. Does the camera have this additional autofocus sensor and if so what is it's purpose?


The GX100 uses an unusual, hybrid autofocus that combines TTL focusing on the CCD with an external passive AF sensor. It focuses quickly and accurately, so much so that we never needed the AF assist lamp, even in very dim lighting.

AF system: Hybrid TTL phase detection plus external passive system reads 17 autoselect zones or single central spot; selected zone is highlighted on LCD monitor. AF zone can be placed anywhere on the screen in macro mode. Single-shot AF. Cancelable AF-assist lamp.

The Ricoh scores higher on image quality -- in both noise and resolution (versus G7)

Ricoh edges it in resolution and control of noise,(versus Coolpix P5000


Our biggest complaint is focus speed, and even then only in low light or (more specifically) at short distances or in macro mode, when it can be infuriatingly slow (taking up to two seconds to find its mark).

And the GX100 - aside from the focus hunting in low light and particularly in macro mode - feels fast and responsive too; by cutting the 'pre focus' step out of picture taking it's possible to get a shutter/focus lag of as little as 0.3 seconds; well into DLSR territory (though without pre-focus there is a slight drop in focus accuracy and you lose the ability to check the camera has picked the right thing to lock onto).

On the other there are some serious issues with noise and noise reduction at anything over ISO 80

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