Please convince me to upgrade to a 5d

Started Jun 1, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Please convince me to upgrade to a 5d
Jun 1, 2007

Ok, so I'm straddling the fence.

I currently have a 20d. My 17-85 IS mounted nearly all the time. I also have a 55-200 ef-s (yes, I know I didn't do my research first) and a 1.8f 50mm that needs to be calibrated I think (that's another story)-- I rarely use either.

Most of my shooting is for my freelance work (which is for book cover illustration) in my garage "studio". I shoot models-- sometimes head to toe- sometimes waist up. I usually shoot on my bogen-manfrotto 3021, but sometimes handheld and have an AlienBees 3 light monolight setup.

I shoot 90% of my work in the studio, but I still like to shoot personal pics as well (trips to the zoo, portraits of family, family snapshots, etc.).

Having upgraded from my Digital Rebel and the 18-55 kit lens, to the 20d with the 17-85 IS lens, I believe I've had acceptable (at least better than the DRebel) results with my current setup for the past few years, but after a recent trip to the zoo and taking less than stellar pics (even my portrait distance shots of my kid seemed lackluster and mostly soft and desaturated), I decided it may be time to upgrade my glass to an L series lens. After reading several GREAT reviews of the 24-70L, I made a trip to a local camera store to take some test images with my trusty 20d. I knew I'd be losing a lot of wide angle with the 24-70, which I sometimes use in the studio (I've only got about 12 feet of shooting room from camera to model). I mounted the L lens on my 20d and took some test shots in the store -and took the same shots with my 17-85 for comparison. Then, on a whim I asked to try the 5d which had the "kit" 24-105L lens on it-- I took some similar shots using my CF card. I also took some shots with the 24-70 on the 5d for comparison. I'd recently read several reviews on the 5d, so I already knew I would be impressed with the expanded view in the viewfinder and larger LCD (as well as just about everygthing else), but the asking price seemed very steep for the upgrade to FF/ larger LCD, etc. and better glass.

When I got home, I opened the pics in Photoshop and was wowed by the 24-70 on my 20d-- much sharper and brighter than my 17-85 IS kit lens (obviously)--even with the loss in wide angle, the idea of this upgrade was very attactive. However when I opened the 5d shots, WOW!!! All the shots were so much brighter and crisper! The 24-70 on the 5d were great, but the 24-105 shots were AMAZING. Really bright and sharp. Every shot.

So, I need some convincing.... I could buy a better L lens for my 20d for $650 (was thinking of the 17-40L-- although I haven't tried it on my 20d) and probably be content for a while, OR I could bite the (big) bullet and get the 5d with 24-105L for $3500 at B&H.

Yes, I know that's quite a price difference, and if money's no object (but it always is-- and I am married, so this purchase would eventually make its way back to the boss).... but I don't want to get a 5d tomorrow if the 5d MarkII or 6d is going to be released in the near future (?). If I sold my 20d in pieces, I could probably get $1050 for it on ebay--$600 for the body and $450 for the lens). WIth Canon's current $100 rebate, that would knock my upgrade down to $2350.

Is it worth the extra dough to get a more long lived FF and upgraded camera?

Any sage advice/convincing would be most appreciated!

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