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Re: Oly550 + Raynox and birding
In reply to Adrian Harris, Mar 21, 2007

I'm with you guys. So then the question is, if the money is in dSLR's, is it a fundamental unwillingness by people like us to buy a camera at a higher price that makes the "prosumer" market untenable? Or would we indeed be willing to pay more to get more?

In other words lets say you could pay $1000 or $1500 and get the equivalent of a dSLR in terms of low noise/high ISO as well as burst speed, but with the SP550 zoom and wide angle and higher quality optics, as well as movie mode and everything else you'd expect from a regular non-dSLR digicam. Would you buy?

I think that's the only worthwhile question to be asked, because despite some technical limitations I think what I'm proposing is possible. It's just that, as you say, it's a matter of money to be made for these manufacturers. If we could offer them similar profits on a smaller product range it ought to be attractive...

  • Oshyan

Adrian Harris wrote:

Hi Steve - I largely, if not wholey agree, with your pro-sumer
'ultrazoom and DSLR sentiments.

Sadly I think it is the marketeers interest to push us towards
DSLR's, as the real money is no longer in cameras - lets face it
good DSLR's can now be purchased for almost pennies - but in the
lenses to make DSLR's work well.

I have been a very keen bird photographer for almost 3 years now
and am very aware of your message - IE, BIG Zoom reach with
reasonable quality will outway no where near enough zoom on a high
quality DSLR.

The tricky bit is deciding where the breakpoint lies!

My birding skills - and possibly patience - is not particulary
good. So getting close is tricky. Therefore my tendency is to
prefer lots of zoom.

My greatest successes have been with a 6mp compact (Fuji F10/F11)
shooting through x10 binoculars (giving 1000mm zoom) or a small
scope at x20 = approx 2000mm zoom. With the scope the results quite
frankly are stunning.

BUT... it is slow due to having to refocus the scope very accurately.
I looked at DSLR's, but to get even 1500mm of zoom would cost LOTS

  • and even worse would have very slow F-stop setting AND normally

loose the cameras auto focus!

Thats a lot of negative features - not worth paying thousands for.
(Plus I dislike clanking mirrors and optical viewfinders)

So yes I agree Cameras like the Oly550 with a good teleconverter,
looks like the best way to go. ....and amateurs who have bought
into the DSLR way forward, could well be seriously out of pocket.
...and have back trouble - or worse decide to miss bird shots due
to the difficulty in walking large distances with lots of heavy

Glancing through many more serious camera mags - you get the
impression the world uses DSLR's. There is a lot of vested
interest. Expensive Lenses, tripods, filters, sensor cleaning
gadgets - and of course a very big bag to carry it all around in

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