FL50 used as Studio Light

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cgbier wrote:

you sure you wanna blow a 120J into a 36" Octagon???? Then yuo are
complaining Theresa's light kit is too small????

I really am curious about why you have such a penchant for making a fool of yourself in public.

Just by the uninformed nature of your question, I know that you have never used a Sunpak 120J or a 36" Photoflex Octodome. Yet, having no experience with this equipment, you want to question my judgement about the capabilities of equipment that I personally do own and use?

The Sunpak 120J has the same power rating as the Quantum T5D, which is 150 watt seconds. Coincidently, this is the same power rating as the Alien Bees 400, an AC powered monolight which I suppose people are using with the 36 inch Octodome every day for studio portraiture - and finding that its maximum brightness is completely adequate.

Now, if you have a valid point to make, it can be made by answering the following two questions:

a. When the Sunpak 120J is fired into a 36 inch Photoflex Octodome in full-power, manual mode, what will be the incident light meter reading at a distance of 10 feet @ ISO 100?

b. When shooting portraits outdoors in daylight, for example a high school senior, how much flash brightness is necessary if the intent is to use the flash as the main light? Express the answer as an f/stop for an incident light meter reading at a distance of 10 feet - even though the flash will most likely be positioned much closer than that to the subject.

As a final thought cgbier, I suggest you review what Shakespeare wrote about being "hoisted by your own petard." You are beginning to make a habit of it.

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