400D - exposure and dust (pics)

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Email: CareCenter@cits.canon.com and picture nice example
In reply to simon65, Dec 27, 2006

Dear Simon

I find your post full of good sense. Thank you.

(DarkPicture, we all already know, yes, underexposure is a Myth, don’t bother to post it again, spending precious photography time. If you read this, I am a BIG fun of your architecture, do you think you can post for us some pictures from your city? St. Basil Cathedral would be nice to be seen thru XTi “eyes”… ).

Back to Simon now:

Please copy &paste your post into your email client and send it to: CareCenter@cits.canon.com . I think this will hurry up a little bit Canon’s decision to start thinking about a fix, at least, to have some kind of official recognition on their website.

I’m interested about the comments from one post that the 400D
performs less well in cold climates but that’s hardly comforting
since I live in Sweden. Plus a camera sold all over the world
should perform equally well in Stockholm on Christmas Day as it
does in Sydney.

About the temperature, I think it was me. And actually I observed that in cold condition (but also cloudy), looks like the 400D behaves better than in “normal” condition. Hard to test the theory, since here, in Eastern Europe, we have now minus three Celsius degrees and will keep that way for a while.

To be honest, I got a little tired of analyzing XTi-s “mind”. I’ll just shoot for a while, using EC a lot, ‘till some fix will be available. Or ‘till 40D will come out.


PS: Because this is a photography forum, I’ll also post a couple of my “favorites”(right out from the camera, not even resized).

This is my No.396 XTi picture, when still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.

The histogram looks good, a little bit brighter would have been better, but thinking that this is a conservative camera, she probably tried to preserve those white flowers.

It was Av, Evaluative metering, AI focus AF. Since I’ve found the “AI focus” a little bit annoying with that zzum-zzum, I switched to “One-Shot AF”. 51 seconds later I shot again the same scene. Watch the file number, is right the next. The metering software decided to switch from 1/60Sec to 1/125Sec. If you look closely, you will see that the “composition” was almost the same, I tried not to move at all. This is the result:

Now, in the Santa spirit, somebody can tell me why this?!?

The camera was on for about 15 minutes, weather was calm, around 20 Celsius degree.
I have not used any “meter and recompose” technique.

Enjoy your XTi,

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