Using your universal IR remote control

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Using your universal IR remote control

Ever wished you had an IR remote control for your camera, but didn't
feel like buying the one from Nikon?

Well, you may just be able to hijack the universal remote control that you
already own.

Should you own the SBC RU 110 or the SBC RU 151 universal remote
controls from Philips, then the code 11323 should make these remote
controls work for your Nikon camera.

I also have another remote control called Magnum RC-328, which looks like this:

This one should work for your camera if you program the code 0282 for
the VCR control.

Not all the buttons on the remote controls will trigger your camera, so
you will have to experiment a little.

Also, possibly other remote controls may work - perhaps other people may want to contribute some information here.

I am using the SBC RU 110 from Philips and found that the buttons "-P" and "On/Off" work best. I have been able to trigger my D50 from as far away as 10 metres without any problems. This is more than enough for my personal need.

I hope that this information will be useful to some of you.


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