Sensor cleaning with Magic tape = Not recommended!!

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Sensor cleaning with Magic tape = Not recommended!!

I have been searching for an easy and safe way to clean the sensor on my *istDL, and from another thread I found that using Scotch Magic Tape labelled 810 or 810D seemed like a silver bullet to my desire:

"Nothing comes off 3D Scotch Magic Tape 810 when stuck to a sensor (cover)" was the claim. Of course this had to be tested before trying it on the sensor. My fear was that the tape might leave some adhesive on the screen that may not be visible to the bare eye, but would imply that dirt would get stuck faster and more often than before. Not to mention the effect it might have on the picture quality.

So off to the paper-store. And on my way I also picked up the Scotch 811 which unlike the 810 states on the box that it's in fact removable.

The claim was that this type of tape would not leave a mark on anything, and therefore not on your sensor shield. This is nearly impossible to prove by inspection. What would be possible was to prove the opposite; namely that it does in fact leave a mark. If you can accomplish that then you know that the lemma is wrong

So the engineer in me got to work.... I tried the tape on my LCD-screen, my bathroom mirror, some paper-sheets, mugs, cups, and other items. It seemed like it was ok. Nothing visible at least. Then for some reason I tried it on my Logitech mouse. And clear as daylight there it was....

I tried it over again after cleaning the mouse thoroughly, and sure enough you can clearly see the marks left by the 810-tape.

So what about the 811? Well no need to go for the bathroom mirror. The same test was performed and but for a much weaker mark, it's clear that it does leave something behind.

My conclusion: "Silver bullets" are really hard to find.... I will not let any form of "magic" or "non magic" tape get near my sensor. People suggesting this to be a safe cleaning method should really think twice before claiming such again.

Oh and I still need to clean my sensor...


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