Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

Started Oct 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Kiran P
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Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!
Oct 18, 2006

To anyone planning to buy a new 3800.. take notice!!!

I am sick of this 4800 machine. I hardly ever use it and this is exactly why. I limit using it to once a week since turing it on always wastes 5ml of ink. So no surprise now, even though its only been about 5 days this time, I have a clog in the light magenta channel, second from the right, and not just a few nozzles, an entire channel. So if you look at the ink count, I'm now at 849 ml, which is actually very little since I hardly use the machine, but I've been working on this clog tonight ever since 830ml, so already 20ml has gone down the drain which is typical though. But that is like $10 already for nothing. I could print 20 8x10's with that much ink.

Anyway, so I finally get the light magenta channel free as you can see in the scan below, and sure enough, just like always, the cleaning cycles always cause another channel to block up, in this case the regular magenta. In fact, because this stupid machine does a clean cycle when you turn it on, this is what causes entire channels to block up. The machine would run better if it just didn't do its own cleaning cycles. So here I am, having wasted an hour... having wasted all this ink, and I'm no further along.

Honestly, for every 1ml of ink that goes on paper, 3ml of ink goes into the waste tank. So if anybody is looking at the 3800, never mind what it can or cannot do, bombard Epson with questions on the stupid cleaning cycles, and not the user controlled ones, ask them what is typical for the printer to do all by itself over the weeks. HP is at least good enough to say that leaving the printer on will deplete the carts in about 1 and half years, so that give you some idea on what it uses to maintain itself. But with this stupid 4800 machine, if I need to use over 20ml of ink just to get it started, then a 220ml cart isn't going to last long. If only Epson would release firmware to disable all cleaning cycles, it wouldn't keep clogging up like this, cause entire channels get blocked only when it does its stupid cleaning cycles as is evident in the scan below.

And instead of telling Epson about my problems and having them just tell me to run a power cleaning cycle which will waste at least 100ml of ink, I'm just going to tell them to check out this thread so that they can see the entire world knows that their machine is a piece of garbage and with so many other good options out there, they are screwed. Of course if they want to send me an entire set of 220ml carts (photo black please), then maybe I'll be somewhat happier, but please include the maintenance tank cause that is where all my ink is going. Heck, I'll send them the maintenance tank back and then can get most of their ink back in that if they consider my hard earned money for ink just a way to continously flush the printer. Thanks for listening everybody. I have to get back to cleaning this piece of garbage.


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