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Tom Rowland
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Re: Lens values WAS: lowlight sensitivity WAS: conspiracies...
In reply to gheil, Oct 3, 2006

gheil wrote:

If i were research director, i would not put a lot into the AF
system. Maybe a few sensors tuned to wide aperture lenses in some
high end cameras. i would instead concentrate on the AF system for
the coming EVIL lines. This is a totally different kind of focus
system, being based on software as it is. EVIL is the future. dSLRs
are just a temporary, though weirdly profitable, selling station.

A lot of products are just a temporary profit centers. No doubt in my mind gas fuled auto will go the way of the horse and buggy and we will all be riding around in solar power cars, or hydrogen powered cars, or something like that. But I will probably still get a nice price for my used Infinity when I trade it in for a new model.

The point I am trying to make is "temporary" in the sense you are using it may mean 5 years, 10 years, or more; OR LESS. When I first started capturing images I used a Kodak Retina Reflex with Ziess glass (my Dad was a medical doctor and let me use his stuff). When taking photography classes at a university I got a Pentax K1000, and when I graduated and got a job I used a Nikon F body, and later got a Canon AE1.

Because I was a computer nerd doing web work I got a Kodak DC120. It did not have the best IQ but it was OK for web work. As the technology got better I got more and better "temporary" boxes to capture images.

Currently I am using a 8MP one that fills all my needs. And aparently this 8MP box fills the needs of lots of pros since the Canon 1dm2 probably produces most of the images you see in news papers. It is the choice of most sports photographers, news photographers, and lots of other pros that sell their images for a living.

So as a research director I would look into how any new product would fit into the current work flow for most pro photographers that product is targeted at. Can it use existing lens in poor light with a good burst rate to capture wedding images like the 5d or 1ds2 can. Does it have machine gun like burst rate and 45pt AF like the 1d2 does to get BIFs or blitzing CBs. Is it built like a tank so it can be used in self defense like one photojournalist did to smack an attacker in the head and then take a pix of the unconcious assailant. Can it use many of the great super tele lens that Canon seems to have cornered the market on (400 2.8, 400 5.6, 500 4, 600 4) for sports and wildlife imaging?

Anyone who has ever seen a pro sporting event cant help but notice all those white lens on the sidelines, even a research director would know this.

Dont get me wrong. I have a SD10 as well as a 1d2. The SD10 captures much better images (IMHO) when doing well lit macro work. But I have never seen a camera do BIFs like the 1d2 can. But if anyone brings out a new camera that will beat one or both of the DSLR bodies I currently own I will buy it in a flash.

But I expect both of my temporary bodies will be around for longer than you seem to imply in your post.

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