The Perfect Pocket Camera

Started Sep 2, 2006 | Discussions thread
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The Perfect Pocket Camera

Well, almost perfect anyway. LOL!

The FedEx guy delivered another Oly C-7000Z to my doorstep today. I bought one back in November but my youngest daughter has taken it over, as well as my spare UZI. She's a very well-equipped young photographer now! In the meantime, my old C-3000Z was pressed back into service as my 'car camera'. It still takes good photos but has limited zoom, not so hot battery life, (NIMH's seem to lose their load after a week in the Tahoe console.) terrible shutter lag, and is hardly pocketable. I dare not leave my UZI or C-5050Z in the car all the time.

So, I sprang for another C-7000Z for myself, winning a bid on eBay from Olympus Auctions. It's badged as a 'refurb' but is brand new in every respect. They are still selling them and go for around $200.

With a zoom range of 38-190mm; full metal body; very fast startup and decent shutter lag; a sharp f2.8-4.8 lens; great Li-ion battery life, and full feature set, it's an excellent little picture making machine. I've been very impressed with it's image quality.

While the new Stylus 750 is weather resistant, its price is yet unknown and has no viewfinder, which I find very useful for stabilizing the camera instead of holding it out in front of me. We had a discussion about that camera last week. Not sure how effective the claimed image stabilization will be until some real users report. Regardless, it's sure to be more expensive than what I paid for each of my C-7000's.

While there are a lot of slimmer, smaller, newer, pocket cams out there, the little C-7000Z is perfect enough for me.



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