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Fuzzy Z850 images

Started Aug 30, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Fuzzy Z850 images
Aug 30, 2006

I have been playing around with my Z850 for a few days now. While I really do like the camera, I have been somewhat dissatisfied with many of the images I have taken. This is particularly true of images where the subject is far away (i.e. 10 or more ft. -- all the way up to infinity). I find myself asking whether I am at blame or if there is something wrong with my lens. I am no pro photographer, but I think I am competent enough to think that the images are not my fault. I use manual modes all the time with my old Fuji S602 (not quite a DSLR, but close) and get much better results.

I was hoping that a Z750/Z850 owner could look at a couple of sample pics that my Z850 took and tell me if you think you would have similar results. I started out with the following setup:

The closest cone/basketball is 5 feet away from my tripod. The next basketball (and my camera case) is an additional 40 feet away. After that there is another cone/basketball an additional 40 feet away. The red square will be zoomed in later.

I can focus and take satisfactory photos of the closest ball. However, when I focus on the middle ball my image is blurred as shown below. I took the same image with my old 3 megapixel fuji S602 (from the same tripod in the same location) zoomed in 6x and downsampled to be about the same dimensions as the casio image. Note the focus on the Fuji (or at least, lack of blur).

casio 100%, 1x

fuji 6x, downsampled to be similar in size to the casio image

When I zoom in with the casio (3x) and retake the image, the image is not much worse, but it is certainly not any better:

casio 100%, 3x

fuji 6x, downsampled for equal size basketballs

Like I said, this might be 'normal', it just seems a bit 'out of focus' to me. I am not an expert photographer, but I take a lot of photos and am pretty tech saavy and have had my old digicam in manual modes quite often. The thing that makes this weird is that up close photos seem alright compared to the far away shots. Here is another shot. My family was canoeing yesterday (I have had my camera 8 days), and I took this picture from a small hill, zoomed in and in good light (focus should not be a problem (1/200 shutter)) probably around 40 to 60 feet from the subject. It just seems a bit fuzzy to me. My brother was not moving a whole lot, so I dont think it was really an 'action shot'. Maybe I am too critical.

casio 100%, 3x

Sorry I cannot post the whole images. A) I only have dial up (I will get back to college in a week or so and perhaps I can upload them then), and B) my server isn't meant to handle that kind of bandwidth

Any thoughts are welcome. If there are other tests I can perform I will try. I tried manual focus too, but that didn't seem to help any. After reading other forums (especially here) and online searching, I think I have a faulty lens or something. Thanks!


(FYI - sharpness=-1, contrast=+1, sat=+1, quickshutter=off, can provide more details if asked)

Note: This topic is similar to cspar's recent topic. I didn't want to hi-jack his post though. Here is his topic:

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