**** Challenge 29: Motion ****

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Warren Sarle
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**** Challenge 29: Motion ****
Aug 16, 2006

Welcome to Kodak Challenge 29! The theme is "Motion". The galleries are at http://www.pbase.com/kodak_challenge/challenge_29 .

The submission period begins on Monday, August 14 at 11:59 PM GMT and ends on Monday, September 4 at 11:59 PM GMT. The voting period ends on Monday, September 11 at 11:59 PM GMT.

The photos must show motion of some sort. The motion can be subject motion or camera motion. It can be stopped motion or blurred or a combination, as long as it is obvious from the photo that motion is taking place.

The motion must be real motion. The various motion filters in Photoshop and similar programs do not qualify.

The Kodak SLR/n/c and 14n are uniquely qualified for blurred motion shots because of their "longer" exposure mode.

The Rules for Kodak Challenges can be found at http://www.pbase.com/kodak_challenge/rules , but:


The way passwords work has changed. You do NOT need to log into Pbase anymore. You DO need to have cookies enabled.

To submit a photo, open the Competition or Exhibition gallery and click on "edit this gallery" at the top of the window. You will be asked for a password. Type "pixelcount". With any luck, you should then see a screen for uploading a photo. After you have uploaded a photo, you will be able to edit that photo as long as your cookie does not change. Things that may change your cookie include logging into or out of Pbase and changing your password. Also, if you copy a photo from one gallery to another, you may lose the ability to edit either the copy or the original, so don't do that.

If you need to edit a photo but discover that you have lost edit access, post a message here and someone will send you a password with edit rights.


The rest of the rules and procedures have not changed. Old-timers can skip the remainder of this post. For the benefit of newcomers, here are some of the basic rules:

The challenge gallery contains two subgalleries:

1) The competition gallery:

  • You may enter photos you took during the submission period using a Kodak digital SLR camera.

  • If you finished in the top five places in either the competition or exhibition gallery in any previous Kodak challenge, you may enter photos you took during the submission period using any camera.

  • Photos not taken during the submission period may not be entered in the competition gallery.

2) The exhibition gallery:

  • You may enter photos you took at any time with any camera.

In each gallery, you may have no more than three photos at any one time. You may delete any of your photos and upload additional photos at any time during the submission period provided that you never exceed the limit of three photos at one time.

You may edit or retouch any photo that you have previously uploaded and replace the corresponding photo at any time during the submission period. You do this from the "edit image" page corresponding to that photo at Pbase, which does not change the position of the photo within the gallery.

Except for editing or retouching a previously uploaded photo, all photos must be uploaded at the end of the gallery.

Photos may not exceed 200 kilobytes in size or 800 pixels in height or width.

If possible, please include EXIF data in photos in the competiton gallery. You can do this in Photoshop by using "Save As", not "Save for Web". Usually, a JPEG quality level of 7 or 8 is about right. Please do not use a higher quality level than is necessary to preserve the visual appearance of the photo.

Thanks to Pbase for the new security features and for hosting the Kodak Challenge galleries!

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