The Canonical Stuck Lens Information thread

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The Canonical Stuck Lens Information thread

This thread is intended as a clearinghouse for information about the "stuck lens" problem. I've seen a lot of references to the problem since I've been active on these forums and it seems like the subject comes up often. If you have information that is pertinent to this topic, please reply.

I would like to have some good, factual information in one place about

  • lenses that exhibit this problem

  • the cause(s) of the problem

  • solutions to fix the mount so it won't have this problem

  • ways to repair the problem when it happens

I ask that we keep this thread clear of side discussions--I'll create a second thread for discussions. If something in those discussions merits a place in this thread, by all means post it. This thread should be for information, not conjecture or discussion. If you have a lens that you know will get stuck, please list the specific   model with as much information as possible. Please don't resort to generalizations unless you know the information to be true for all models.

Photos are always helpful. If anyone has photos that they want to post, but don't have a place to put them (or don't want to), email them to me and I'll put them on my site and send you back the links. Please make them 100K or less unless there is a specific reason for them to be large.

Keywords: stuck lens, tight lens, Ricoh mount, P/K-A, PKA, P/K-R, PKR, HELP!

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