Sears has a 15% restocking fee now.

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Hmmm, Im back!
In reply to Walter Blackledge, Apr 18, 2006

This one is back to walter, and from previous post's I've read ( since I went and studied ) you seem to be somone who has on going issues with this type of business? One of those people who rights letters expecting for actions to be taken and free stuff to be delved out You compare the car industry to the retail electronics industry, amazing. You know for a fact if the retail industry modeled itself after the car industry then every week would be super bowl sunday. You know the day where people come in, buy televisions and surround sounds and then bring them back the day later? You know this would be abused by people on a minute by minute basis making prices saor and job loss reach an all time high. I feel sad the your proud that you got a guy fired, who probably had a family and was just doing what he was tolled, to follow the policy. I knew there was people out there like you, and those are the ones I stay away from when I'm in store. Thank god I drive the Geek mobile and dont have to put up with people like you to often anymore. We always group together after a person like that leaves and just say how can somone be like that? come in here with an attitude when we did nothing wrong, and they just can't deal with the policies so blatantly put infront of their eyes. There always people out there who think there entitiled to somthing when the rules clearly state what you and everyone else who enters the is as far as returns.

It just kills me you might have got somone fired, somone who doesnt write the rules. Somone who gets paid to follow the rules but because you wrote a letter the guy was fired.Dont say he got fired cause he did the wrong thing, he got fired because a customer got upset and thats the last thing any VP wants, regardless of if he was following policy or not.

Its amazing how somone like me, probably light years younger than you, understands everyhting your saying, but realizes the world we live in and the possibilities of your ideas actually being implemented anywhere at anytime. Argh it makes me sick, I wont look in this post again.

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