Amusing reactions about 30D.

Started Feb 22, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Amusing reactions about 30D.
Feb 22, 2006

I confess I don't understand you...some of you.

Canon new offer seems to be a very nice camera, a mature evolution of it's predecessor. That makes the 30D even more appealing.

It obviouly lack that WOW factor some of you consider so important, but as I don't need a camera to impress but to perform, I fail to see why this might mean Canon is not delivering as expected.

In fact, I consider this 30D a perfect camera for the compromises it has to endure -- it can't go higher than this specs-wise or it would risk canibalizing 5D sales, it can't go lower for reasons easy to understand...what can be donde thereferfore ? To perfect an already good camera, the 20D, and add some things its antecessor was lacking.

A good move in my point of view, that reflex that Canon knows it must offer "new toys" to keep up with competition, but when forced by the spec constrains impossed by the existence of the 5D, it decides to offer a more mature camera rather than a new camera that doesn't offer anything new/valuable.

The only thing I believe Canon shouldn't have done is to call it 30D. It would have been better to call it 20DN of 20D Mark II, but this is just personal taste.

Now...I don't understand your reactions, guys.
Are you forced by Canonite religion to update your equipment every 18 months ?
Do you feel an 18 months old camera isn't wonderful enough for you ?

OK, so you feel let down by the mothership. You do need higher specs/features. You can have it, at a price. Buy a 5D, buy a 1DII/1DsII.
But you want higher specs/features at bargain price ? Life's a bitch.

Or you could go to the dreaded N brand, wich offers somewhat higher specs/features, but then you'll miss some Canon specs/features. Life, apart from being a bitch, is full of compromises. You'd be better of if you learn that soon. Inform yourself, weight pros/cons, decide, and be happy knowing you did he best you could under the circumstances.
After all, you are the one who makes a picture wonderful or loathsome.

And don't be caught in the marketing : You DON'T need a new camera every few months.

But, to finally adress the title of my post, I do find amusing reactions following the 30D announcement.

It seems to me that those who were thrilled because Canon was about to give a deadly blow at Nikon are the very same wich now are on th verge of collapse because they now think Canon has let them down.

Another group now don't find that is neccesary to offer more megapixels...but nobody said that before -- everybody was almost sure Canon would give them 12 Mpx...because, "as everybody knows", if Nikon do it, Canon MUST do better and bigger and faster and cheaper.

And there are those who now prefer to focus in the new lenses, as if focusing on something they can boast about would diminish their inner feeling of cataclysm.

To those who find them directly adressed by this "classification" : That's what happen when you behave like cattle.

P.S. Of course, there isn't only one breed. You have different breeds.. Nikon, Fuji, Leica... but as no one released a camera today, they're not crying like widows right now...

C'mon, this is not a tribal war. Photography, not the show-off camera, is the goal.

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