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Re: My New Camera - (8)

inanola wrote:

nice pictures. taking pics of strangers with max focal length of
55mm lens is a talent in itself i'm finding. curious about how you
approach your subjects. do you hang out with them for a little or
just snap and run?

haha..nah, i try to avoid the snap and run scenario... that leaves me with the same weird feeling as when somebody sees me shooting them with the 70-200 from across the street... for the most part, i talk with the people a little bit before making the picture and sometimes i end up hanging out with them longer and may be able to try a few more shots... even when i'm without my camera, i always find myself engaged in little conversations throughout the day.. i'm always interested in people and the similarities that we all share even though society makes it out as if we're all so different...

that said, i also make pictures of people without asking or talking with them first... #1,2,3, & 5 of this set were all shot with no vocal exchanges prior to the picture... sometimes, the image has to happen first or else it probably won't happen at all... in these cases, i might talk to the people afterwards and show them the image or sometimes no exchange at all will happen...
it's all situational and i'm still learning as well...

as far as the 55mm max, i feel this is a great 'limitation' because it requires a certain closeness which seems to create a nice connection between the viewer and subject..
thanks for the comments..

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