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S70 and the new S80
In reply to VT, Aug 26, 2005

Now that the initial fervor has died down a little about the newly announced S80, here are a few comments.

The S80 missing RAW mode is a important for some - I would miss it - but to be honest for most of my work I use just Fine JPG not even SuperFine - and even though I know RAW would be ultimately technically superior - the disadvantage of the extra additional steps in the workflow far outweighs any superiority gained (for me - YMMV).

The S80's Dig!c II processor should make some operations faster - which is always a desirable thing - I am not too certain if it will improve the pre-focussed shutter lag time, which is the critical timing for my use - since the Dig!c II processor has not done that in the SD500, SD400 or S2 IS.

(notice in the Dig!c II SD400 the actual focussing times were not dramtically faster than the S70's plain older Dig!c (I) processor either -

also tests from reliable sources like "Popular Photography" puts the reputed "FAST" DSLR focussing times at around 0.5 secs in good light - which again is not significantly faster than the S70)

Switch to SD cards - I have an investment in CF cards - but SD cards are now pretty cheap - I have seen 512Mb SD for less than $20 after rebate(s) - so this is really only a minor point.

Lens Zoom control - the up-down toggle I feel is a bad move - but then I don't like the current S70 zoom toggle either - I much prefer the round the shutter button collar zoom control on just about all other compact Canon digicams like the G6, SD500, A520 etc. Why does the S70 and S80 have to be different?

8Mp - I don't think is going to make a major difference over 7Mp - 7Mp for me was a major threshold - in the ability to get prints to about 10x8 at 300ppi - a long held figure for quality - or to use the concensus 200ppi - that's close to a 16x12 print - plenty good enough for me - since the majority of my work is for the web (where even a 1Mp(!) digicam probably would do......)

So that makes me happy I bought the S70 when I did, and did NOT wait for its replacement......

Maybe that's why there is so much "bitter disappointment" in that people waited for the S70 replacement and the S80 was not quite what was expected?

My suggestion is that look carefully at the WEAK points of the S70 in this thread and elsewhere - and if they are not deal-breakers - then buy the S70 next month when there is likely to be an inevitable price drop due to the availablity of the S80...... don't wait much longer - because the S70 might not be available for long, since the S80 was announced as the S70 replacement.


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