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Canon S70
Jul 1, 2005

without being conscious of it - with the Canon S70 I may have finally realized that dream of carrying a pocket sized camera that could almost match the quality and everything I can do on an SLR.

I have owned several pretty "serious" 35mm SLRs since 1970..... including the Canon F-1, Olympus OM-2n, OM-4, Minolta Maxxum 7xi.....

Despite all of these being fabulous cameras - and I have taken some photos with them that I have been particularly happy with - including competition winners (and one where I didn't even enter the photo ) - I used 35mm p&s cameras out of choice for my musician shots - because of their portability, being less imposing, better optical viewfinders in darker environments, and actual quicker working.

It was fairly natural for me to migrate to p&s style digicams for my same types of photo subjects (i have used digicams extensively since 1999).

Digicam of the Canon S70 type are far more versatile with a lot more exposure control than most 35mm p&s.

Overall I really like the Canon S70 but it is not without its failings - one seeming issue is low light focussing -

in P, Tv, Av and M modes - the camera is set on single point focus (without the option to set to multi-point AiAF focus) - and under low light more often than not it indicates failure to lock focus. However I just try to focus on the same point again and take the shot -

much to my surprise I have yet to have a single shot that is (grossly) out of focus - I am on shot count #1,868......

some speculation -

I have noted on occassions when the flash seems to fire twice seemingly to perhaps get focus first, before actual exposure.....

  • please see this thread with lots of photographic examples and test shots (link) -

My new Canon S70

Please also checkout the photos in the links in my sig.

Shots taken after 050607 are all on the S70

For example - This weekend I had the occassion to shoot a couple of outdoor musical events - one where unfortunately I did not get a photo pass and had to shoot from way back.

The Canon S70 has a nice zoom range of 28-100mm equivalent - which is very suitable for most of my photography -

BUT on this occassion even at the maximum telephoto end it was woefully lacking.....

Or so I thought :eek:

Checkout the last 14 photos (all marked with 050626) of this album:

13 Stories 2005 Pt.2

They are one of my favorite bands to photograph - for pretty obvious reasons

Look at this -

It's a pretty severe crop from this full-frame shot -

I was pretty impressed - as normally with my previous cameras - including my 35mm SLRs** - I would consider this pretty marginal for quality.......

Well, OK with a good system one probably could squeeze the crop/shot out to be pretty reasonable - maybe it's not [i]that[ i] "amazing"....

OK, how about this one?

I think I would be pretty happy with this shot - there doesn't seem to be all that much compromise - certainly not in technical quality anyway.....

Here's the full-frame shot -

Now even I'm impressed!

[ just in case -

a 35mm film shot would probably retain the resolution and sharpness - but such a crop probably would start showing image degrading grain and lose some other image quality aspects - like color saturation and contrast - which requires specialized pro work to restore.]

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