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Nov 28
G700SE firmware (ver. 1.33) is ready!
G700 firmware (ver. 1.23) is ready!
SR-10 Software(ver. is ready!
Aug 08
GR DIGITAL IV firmware (ver.2.30) is ready!
Jun 03
GR manuals are available.
May 24
G700 firmware (ver. 1.30) is ready!
Mar 06
G700 firmware (ver. 1.22) is ready!
G700SE firmware (ver. 1.29) is ready!
Jan 22
GR DIGITAL IV firmware (ver.2.21) is ready!
Dec 18
G700SE firmware (ver. 1.23) is ready!
G700 firmware (ver. 1.19) is ready!
EX1 software (ver. is ready!