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Feb 27
The First Wednesday Works
Welcome to Kodak's Personalized Imaging "Wednesday Works" Blog!  Every Wednesday, beginning February 27, we'll feature business... show more
Welcome to Kodak's Personalized Imaging "Wednesday Works" Blog!  Every Wednesday, beginning February 27, we'll feature business topics relevant to our customers in the retail, wholesale, and professional photography markets. I have the privilege of managing Personalized Imaging, which is comprised of our Film Capture, Paper & Output Systems, Retail Systems Solutions, and Event Imaging Solutions businesses (together, "PI").  As many of you know, in August 2012 Kodak announced that it was initiating a sale process for these businesses.  We are moving full-steam through this process, and are confident that PI will be under new ownership by the middle of this year. In 2012, Personalized Imaging sustained a consistent record of profitability.  We introduced market-leading products and services, entered new partnerships across multiple regions, and renewed agreements with some of the world's largest retailers and professional labs.  Of course we continue to engage with talented and inspiring professional photographers around the globe, who use Kodak Professional films to create thought-provoking, visually stunning bodies of work.  All of these interactions reflect an ongoing commitment to PI by our customers, suppliers, and partners. On a personal note, I want to underscore my pride in the ongoing efforts of our PI teams around the world to maintain the high standard of service that is essential to our customers and yours.  We have hundreds of staff members in development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer service, technical support, and other core functions.  These experienced, talented, and committed employees are passionate about meeting your needs, and driving a bright future for PI. We look forward to engaging with you every Wednesday about the issues that impact you and your businesses.  Thanks for reading! show less
Feb 11
Magic at the Harraseeket Inn
Christmas is always a magical time of year.  People love the holidays; people hate the holidays.  Some folks are sad or lonely... show more
Christmas is always a magical time of year.  People love the holidays; people hate the holidays.  Some folks are sad or lonely or maybe even angry.  Some folks, on the other hand, embrace the magic and cherish the feeling for as long as they can hold on to it. Larry and I, along with Freeport, Mr. Cooper and Penny, traveled to Freeport, Maine in hopes of keeping that magical feeling going for us. We prayed for lots of snow and He delivered, 3 times!  The dogs enjoyed their outside activity, exhausted early on from playing in the snow. As we did last year between Christmas and New Year, we offered to the Harraseeket Inn the chance for the children staying there to READ to the dogs.  Penny Gray, owner of the Inn, was happy to oblige.  Three dates were set with sign up sheets.  Karen, from the front desk, was the first to get Cooper hugs! This year I brought photos of the dogs to hand out as well as Bernese Mountain Dog coloring books with crayons for the appropriate-age children to take back to their rooms.  And, like we did last year, I received permission to take photos to use in this blog.  All the photos were printed and handed out to the families as "Kodak moments" to take home. Each session went beyond my expectations.  When they say "a picture is worth a thousand words", here is the proof  While taking this last photo I caught a movement by the door out of the corner of my eye.  It was then that I turned around and saw the true magic of these moments.  Lined along the back wall, in the doorway and on the chairs were adults.  Some fancily dressed for there was a wedding reception to attend to.  Others with winter coats on either coming from or going out into the snowy night.  Still others, maybe by word of mouth, stood.  All smiled.  Many were taking photos of children and dogs they did not know. Still some, unable to stop themselves, came and sat on the floor hoping for a little of the magic to come to them. And all 3 dogs obliged. They came to them because they knew what was needed. They came to them to share the magic. They came to them to give them love. It was then that I realized, once again, we are just the chauffeurs. Freeport, Mr. Cooper and Penny are the real miracle makers… show less
Feb 04
Valentine's Day Cards at Kodak Picture Kiosk & BOGO offer
I love Valentine's Day! I love the hearts and colors and CARDS! I spent some time at the Kodak Picture Kiosk in our office printing out... show more
I love Valentine's Day! I love the hearts and colors and CARDS! I spent some time at the Kodak Picture Kiosk in our office printing out some of the different Valentine's Card designs available. The designs vary from Kiosk to Kiosk, but it gives you an idea of what you might find. I think they are all "pretty darn cute". I used my favorite subjects for most of the cards. I like it when there is a uinque shape for adding your photo, like the O in LOVE. This design was especially fun. You can add many photos that are integrated into the design, along with a personalized message. I thought I better make a few for my husband too. ; ) The one at the bottom is so cute... you can add your own messages to the hearts. And yes, I used a photo of us dressed as zombies from Halloween in one of the hearts! When you look inside the cards there is more opportunity for customizing. You can add a photo and your own message... like Stewie did here. And on the back.... there is no mistaking who put all the hard work into the card! Now that you have had a peek into the designs and are hopefully inspired, go and download a coupon to buy one 5x7 folded greeting card at Kodak Picture Kiosk and get one FREE! OR... the coupon now works on your phone... a new feature for this promo! show less
Jan 17
Meet your New Year's Resolutions with Kodak Picture Kiosk Photo Books
January is almost over and you may have lost enthusiasm for those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. There are ways that... show more
January is almost over and you may have lost enthusiasm for those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. There are ways that Kodak Picture Kiosk Photo Books can help you reach your goals. Resolution: Reduce Clutter Stacks of papers seem to be the biggest source of clutter in my house. Bits and bobs of things too important to throw out or recycle. I have a few drawings from nieces and nephews that are adorable, but what to do with them. I can only frame and hang so many macaroni noodle masterpieces. If you have kids you know what I am talking about. Kids can be very prolific when it comes to artwork. A backpack can be stuffed full every school day. You want to hold onto them to remember later, but who has filing cabinets they can dedicate to storing them? Here is a great solution. Pack up the best ones and take them to a Kodak Picture Kiosk. Scan them in and make a photo book you can enjoy always. Then discreetly move the originals to the recycling bin. You could even add in scans of A+ tests, report cards and more. A complete record of a child's school year. Neat and tidy in one photo book. Resolution: Organize Photos Do you have folders full of photos on your computer or even your phone? It's so easy to take pictures these days we take more than ever. But then organizing them becomes overwhelming. Try this. Create a folder on your computer named after the year like "2013 favorite photos". Then create 12 folders inside that one for each month. Throughout the year put the best photos from that month into the corresponding folder. At the end of the year, you can put those photos on a jump drive and make a family year book at Kodak Picture Kiosk. Everyone likes looking back at school year books, and you will love looking at a family photo year book too! If you have been posting all those favorite photos to Facebook even better! At Kodak Picture Kiosk you can log into your Facebook account and access all your photos to make your photo book! Resolution: Finish "That" Album Did you mean to finish your child's baby book before they went to college? Maybe wrap up your wedding album before your ten year anniversary? Why not try a photo book? There are so many backgrounds to choose from and features like adding captions, auto fill and photo editing, you can have it done without breaking out a single glue stick. And just like with the kid's artwork you can scan in things to add to the photo book too! Like the birth certificate, baby footprints, or even the adorable cards to got from friends and family. After you have put the work in, you can also make copies for the grandparents... or if it's a wedding album, a copy for everyone in your wedding party. Find a Kodak Picture Kiosk near you and you can scratch all this off your New Year's to do list! show less
Jan 11
Kodak Kiosk calendar making machine - Monthly 2-sided
I have been trying out all the different kinds of Kodak Picture Kiosk calendars in the office and sharing the results with my coworkers.... show more
I have been trying out all the different kinds of Kodak Picture Kiosk calendars in the office and sharing the results with my coworkers. The last one for me to make was the Monthly Double Sided. The Monthly Double Sided calendars are like the typical calendars you are used to. They open up with a photo area on top and the month/dates underneath and a hole for hanging it. With these calendars you can have multiple photos... up to ten per month. I really like being able to add several photos. With this calendar I featured not only the pugs and the cat but us humans in the family! The interface is easy to use. I like how my photos show up at the bottom and are checked if I have used them yet. You just drag and drop your photos onto the calendar. Then you have the option to make edits to the photo or move them around by shuffling. BIG TIP: It is great to be able to add multiple photos to a month layout but that also means more options! I highly recommend that you plan out ahead of time what photos you want to feature before you head to the kiosk. With these calendars you can add text. The words can go over pictures or just the background. It's nice to add captions or notes along with the photos. You can customize the text colo, size and style too. I love my family 2013 calendar. It makes me smile everytime I look at it! Here are a few ideas for cool calendars... Family recipe calendar - each month feature a picture of someone with a scanned in image of their signature recipe. Check out this photo project that features Grandmother's and their specialty dish - great idea! Birthday calendar - honor a friend or family member with a birthday that month. You could use a photo of a previous birthday celebration or just a collection of photos of them. If there aren't any birthdays you could go with anniversaries. It's a great way to remember people's birthdays! show less
Jan 09
Kodak Picture Kiosk Monthly Calendar - giving the cat a turn
After making so many calendars of the pugs, I thought it was only fair to use pictures of my cat Stewie for my next trial of Kodak... show more
After making so many calendars of the pugs, I thought it was only fair to use pictures of my cat Stewie for my next trial of Kodak Picture Kiosk Calendars. After making one sheet Annual Calendars, I decided to make a Monthly Calendar. These are one sided and feature the month and one photo on each sheet. The sheets then get punched and spiral bound. I used our kiosk here in the office so I got to use the binder myself. New skillz! While making these I discovered that you can select which month you want the calendar to start and end with! So you could give a calendar as a gift in the middle of the year that starts with June 2013 and ends on May 2014. Making the calendar was so easy! As you can see, each month shows up and you drag the photo you want to be featured into the box. Then you do some photo edits like zooming in or out. The hardest part was deciding what Stewie photos to use! It does help to plan ahead and decided what photos you want before you head to the kiosk. I put all my cat photos on a thumb drive, but you could also access your Facebook photos from the kiosk. This is my favorite month in this calendar! There is a little wire hanger so you could hang your calendar, or what I like, is to stand it on my desk! There are several sized to choose from, but I like this 5x7 size. Perfect for standing on my office desk next to my computer. I have even been taking it to meetings with me and sitting it up so everyone can admire Stewie and we can look at dates as we plan. Here are some calendar inspiration ideas: Home sweet home - Take a photo of your home each month - so you have shots of it from budding flowers to falling leaves to snow covered for each month of a calendar. Nice for kids that are off at college to remind them of home. Pet photo shoot - Dress your pets up for a picture to match each month's holiday - April = bunny ears, August = sunglasses Growing baby - Start January with the first picture of your baby and then add a picture of them one month older for each month after that. Great gift for grandparents! To find a Kodak Kiosk near you that has monthly calendars visit the Kodak Kiosk locator. show less
Jan 04
Ring in the New Year: with Annual Calendars from Kodak Picture Kiosk
One of the first things I start thinking about in a new year is a new calendar! As I was thinking about what calendar to look for I... show more
One of the first things I start thinking about in a new year is a new calendar! As I was thinking about what calendar to look for I realized that instead of trying to decide between the puppies calendar or the kittens calendar, wouldn't a calendar with my own photos be the best? There are several different kinds of calendars that you can personalize with your own photos available at Kodak Picture Kiosk. The offer may vary by location so check the Kiosk locator to find what is available near you. I hadn't made a calendar at a Kodak Picture Kiosk before so I decided to use the kiosk in our office and try them all! I started with the most basic calendar... an Annual Calendar. The Annual Calendars print out on one sheet and have all the months of the year together. There are designs that let you add one or more photos and they come in different sizes like 5x7 or 8x10. I used photos of my pugs playing in the first snowfall of the season for these calendars. Here are a few ideas for these calendars... 1 - These calendars are perfect for hanging on your fridge or family message center. You can see several months at once which is useful for planning. 2 - Use a hole punch and you can add the calendar to a school 3-ring binder. 3 - Didn't get around to sending Christmas cards this year? Don't worry, these make cute New Years "cards" to send to friends and family. The 5x7 fits nicely in a greeting card envelope. 4 - If you have a home or small business (real estate, dog walker) you could create a jpg with your logo and contact info and use that in one of the photo slots to send to customers... nice way to stay in touch and keep your information handy for them. As I was looking at the calendars I had made, Diedra popped into my office and informed me that you can even make poster sized calendars! I hurried over to another kiosk that had that capability and tahdah! Giant pug 2013 poster calendar! This will look great hanging in our home office! So cool! To find a Kodak Kiosk near you that prints calendars and has the giant poster calendar option visit the Kodak Kiosk locator. show less
Dec 20
Secret Santa dilemma? Kodak Picture Kiosk to the rescue!
My team at work had a secret santa drawing in the office for gifts. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone got. One of my co-workers... show more
My team at work had a secret santa drawing in the office for gifts. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone got. One of my co-workers got this nice desk pen holder with photos of his family added. His gift came with a card and written inside it said "I had a really hard time figuring out what to get you, but thanks to Facebook connect on Kodak Picture Kiosk I was able to make a gift that was special!" Then it struck me. If you draw the name of a person for secret santa that you don't know a lot about you can have a tough time shopping for them. You can stalk their Facebook page and cubicle and still not come up with clues. BUT... if you are friends with them on Facebook and they have their settings so you can see their photos, you can go to a Kodak Picture Kiosk, log into your Facebook account and print photos from your friend's Facebook albums! That was clearly what this person did. Instead of a gift that your secret santa recipient might not care for, you can create something that really means something to them. It doesn't hurt to add a few candy canes and chocolate covered pretzel sticks into the mix! If you want to make something unique and personal for someone on your Christmas list find a Kodak Kiosk near you. show less
Dec 18
Kodak earns top rating of 100% for Corporate Equality from Human Rights Campaign
Kodak is one of 252 companies to earn a 100-percent ranking on the Human Rights Campaign's 2013 Corporate Equality Index. The recognition... show more
Kodak is one of 252 companies to earn a 100-percent ranking on the Human Rights Campaign's 2013 Corporate Equality Index. The recognition is a key annual ranking of business' commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workplace policies and practices, and marks the eleventh consecutive year Kodak has earned the CEI's top recognition. This year's CEI shows that policies to provide LGBT employees with the same workplace opportunities and protections as other employees are becoming global. To achieve a perfect score and the distinction of "Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality," companies must have fully-inclusive equal employment opportunity policies, provide equal employment benefits, demonstrate organizational LGBT competency, evidence their commitment to equality publicly and exercise responsible citizenship. "We are pleased to have earned a perfect score on the HRC's Corporate Equality Index again this year, given our commitment to ensuring a workplace that welcomes and supports LGBT employees," said Kim VanGelder, Kodak's Chief Information Officer and Corporate Champion for the LGBT constituency. "Creating an inclusive workplace with engaged employees is key to delivering our business results."  Augie Melendez, Chief Diversity and Community Affairs Officer at Kodak added: "Earning this 11th consecutive HRC recognition is just an awesome accomplishment because the Human Rights Campaign continues to raise the bar every year for the Corporate Equality Index. Their questionnaire scrutinizes the policies, practices, and internal and external engagement we bring to promoting fairness and equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees." Kodak's support of LGBT employees and external audiences includes participation in workplace advocacy programs that call attention to issues they find important. The company also hosts the Lambda Network at Kodak, an employee network that helps educate others on topics such as discrimination, bullying, and workplace concerns. "From senior leadership to the Lambda Network, Kodak has demonstrated an intense focus on workplace equality," said Dolores Kruchten, Kodak's President of Document Imaging who acts as Management Sponsor for the Lambda Network. "It's especially gratifying that this 100% CEI ranking comes amid challenging times and demonstrates our commitment to workplace equality." Details of the survey results may be found online at www.hrc.org. Twitter users can learn more about the CEI survey via the hashtag: #workplaceequality. show less
Dec 13
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Welcomes Kodak Visitors During 50th Anniversary Year and Year of Atlantis with Special Tours and Offers
From the earliest days of America's storied space program, Kennedy Space Center has captured the world's attention and fed its... show more
From the earliest days of America's storied space program, Kennedy Space Center has captured the world's attention and fed its imagination as the epicenter of mankind's greatest adventure. Nestled on a placid barrier island on Florida's "Space Coast," the endlessly bustling Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex features attractions and interactive programs unfolding year-round, making it a must-see for every Florida visitor. Kennedy Space Center's remarkable collection of rockets, launch pads, NASA aerospace technology components and launch viewing opportunities offer an authenticity and behind-the-scenes access unlike any other Central Florida destination. The visitor complex offers visitors numerous activities and interactive programs, including meeting real astronauts, which will leave them with a new-found understanding of the U.S. space program.   Kodak is the official photo partner for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  Providing many opportunities to capture visitor's experiences and memories throughout their day at the visitor complex and tour stops, including your photograph with the daily visiting astronaut, a family photo in front of the iconic NASA insignia in the park's central area, as well as virtual shots inside the International Space Station at the Kodak Shooting Stars gallery at the Apollo/Saturn V Center! In celebration of the 50th anniversary and Year of Atlantis, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is offering Kodak fans a special packaged deal that can save up to 30 percent on a single day admission, admission on one of the KSC Up-Close tours, 50th Anniversary Commemorative collectible coin minted from space flown metal, a $10 meal voucher, and a Kodak Memories Photo pack. Details can be found at KSCVC Kodak Memories page.  NASA is offering visitors rare access to several key areas of Kennedy Space Center during its 50th anniversary year to enhance a popular destination that already features an array of authentic attractions showcasing the space program and opportunities for up-close viewing of ongoing rocket launches. A special Kennedy Space Center Up-Close Tour has been extended through the end of 2012 to provide visitors behind-the-scenes access and rare photographic opportunities of sights unseen. Guests are invited to go inside the 525-foot-tall Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), where the Apollo rockets and space shuttles were assembled. One of the largest buildings in the world, the VAB had been off limits to visitors for more than 30 years until the tour was added. Ongoing Rocket Launches The visitor complex remains one of the best vantage points to see rocket launches taking place from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. More than 10 launches have been scheduled for 2012 to carry NASA science missions and government satellites, as well as to test commercial space programs. A Delta 4 rocket carrying a satellite was launched October 4 and next is a launch of a Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX, the first mission by a commercial company to travel to and dock with the International Space Station. "There's an opportunity to see fascinating aspects of the space program that few people have seen, and a chance your visit can coincide with a rocket launch," said Bill Moore, chief operating officer of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. "We want people to know that a visit to Kennedy Space Center remains a visit to an operating facility where a lot of exciting things are happening. It's a world-class destination that offers a truly authentic and memorable visitor experience, and this year is an ideal time for Florida residents and vacationers to visit," Moore said. New Home for Space Shuttle Atlantis Events are also planned to mark milestones in the creation of the future home of the space shuttle Atlantis, opening in July 2013. Ground was broken in January 2012 on the exhibit, and this fall Atlantis will move from the Vehicle Assembly Building inside Kennedy Space Center to the visitor complex for permanent display. The 90,000-square-foot Atlantis exhibit will provide guests a unique vantage point to view Atlantis up close, while telling the story of the 30-year Space Shuttle Program through a number of hands-on, interactive and immersive mediums. Apollo/Saturn V Center A fully restored, massive Saturn V moon rocket serves as the centerpiece of the Apollo/Saturn V Center. In addition to viewing all 363 feet of the most powerful rocket ever built, visitors can relive the historic launch of Apollo 8 in the Firing Room Theater and catch the harrowing final moments before man landed on the moon in the Lunar Theater. Visitors can experience the Apollo/Saturn V Center on Kennedy Space Center tours. Shuttle Launch Experience The Shuttle Launch Experience is an incredible journey of vertically launching into space and orbiting Earth aboard the space shuttle. Guest "crew members" strap in for this launch replication, which immerses visitors in the sights, sounds and feelings of a space shuttle launch, designed under the guidance of NASA and veteran space shuttle astronauts. IMAX® Theaters Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is home to not one, but two five-and-a-half-story-tall IMAX screens – the only back-to-back 3D IMAX theaters in the world. Now playing are two films featuring ongoing NASA missions: Space Station 3D and Hubble 3D. Space Station 3D, filmed by 25 astronauts and cosmonauts and narrated by Tom Cruise, takes audiences on an incredible cinematic journey of discovery from planet Earth to the newest star in the sky – the International Space Station. Hubble 3D, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, brings the furthest depths of the universe to life, transporting audiences to distant galaxies to explore the mysteries of deep space. Hubble 3D offers an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope's legacy and its profound impact on the way we view the universe and ourselves. Astronaut Training Experience ® (ATX® ) Participants can take one giant leap toward the dream of being an astronaut or a crew member through an exciting program of training and preparation for the rigors of spaceflight. The hands-on program includes true-to-training simulator exercises and a space shuttle mission simulation aboard a full-scale orbiter mock-up. Reservations are required for the half-day adult ATX Core program or Family ATX program. Rocket Garden Visitors can marvel at seven vintage rockets from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs at the Rocket Garden. The Apollo 11 gantry arm and Apollo capsule model allow visitors to reenact the heart-pumping moments of countdown and launch, while the Mercury and Gemini capsules let guests experience firsthand just how small early spacecraft were. Astronaut Encounter Visitors can come face-to-face with one of the distinct few who have experienced space travel and hear firsthand what it is like to live in space at Astronaut Encounter. Held daily at the Astronaut Encounter Theater, the half-hour interactive program features a question and answer session and an opportunity to take a picture with the astronaut. Lunch With an Astronaut Lunch With an Astronaut offers guests a unique opportunity to dine with a true space hero and learn about the daily life of an astronaut, ask questions and have a photo taken with the astronaut. U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® Although much of the story at Kennedy Space Center is about state-of-the-future technology, the Astronaut Hall of Fame is about the brave men and women who have flown in space. The Hall of Fame features the world's largest collection of astronaut memorabilia, plus stimulating displays, exhibits and tributes to the heroes of the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programs. A historic collection of spacecrafts includes the Mercury Sigma 7 capsule and a Gemini training capsule. Science On a Sphere takes visitors on a three-dimensional journey around the world and throughout the solar system via dynamic, animated images of the atmosphere, oceans and planets. The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame is open daily from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and is included with admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted Step into the center of space travel and become part of the future of exciting possibilities at Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted. The 10,000-square-foot exhibit immerses visitors into an environment of discovery and exploration beyond our home planet. Live theater, interactive experiences and large-scale multimedia presentations display what the future of space travel may look like, emphasizing that space exploration is not just about the hardware, but about the people behind the technology that make it all possible. The main show, Explorers Wanted, runs twice an hour. New destinations for space travel are introduced as space pioneers of tomorrow are invited to embark on new missions and embrace the challenges of future space exploration.  Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Kennedy Space Center is an ecological sanctuary encompassed by the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, home to more state- and federally-protected wildlife than any other national refuge. Throughout 140,000 acres of estuaries, marshes and coastal dunes are seven distinct habitat types and more than 500 species, from manatees to alligators, bald eagles to ospreys, and butterflies to sea turtles. Look for five hiking trails from ¼ mile to five miles long, a seven-mile driving tour and countless photo opportunities. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is operated by Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts at KSC Inc., a division of Delaware North Companies, one of the world's leading hospitality and food service providers. For more information, visit www.DelawareNorth.com. show less