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FreeLensing: People Portrait I heard about freelensing from Sam Hurd (which if you don't know him please look him up!). He is a professional wedding photographer who likes to do things his own way and explore and discovery new things or perfect old technics with his own style. This will most likely be considered a niche challenge but is open to everyone with a DSLR and the ability to keep their aperture wide open while the lens is detached from the camera body. Please be careful as dust can go into your camera and/or you may drop your lens. Here is a description of how the process works. Take the challenge at your own risk http://www.samhurdphotography.com/2013/technique/freelensing-photography-techniques And please no trolling
Starts: Friday, 16 Oct 2015
Processing rules: No photoshop No title shifting in an app, MUST be done in camera No HDR
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: Must be a portrait of a person Face must be visible, just the side of the face it ok (someone turned left or right is ok), no back of head photo. Waist or higher photos only, no full body photos Please describe your idea/vision for the photo you create. How does it speak to you? Explain what you thought about the process and the style of photography, it isn't for anyone but you don't know until you try. Photo must have visible "broken plane" or distinct blur that would only come from free lensing. Blank entries with no description or title will be disqualified.
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