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--Inverted Reality-- 2014 Edition (Full Colours Only + Border) Enter a photograph where only a small portion of the photo is a direct shot and a large portion on the shot is its reflection. Then turn the shot upside down. The winner should be the one who can produce a shot where the reflection looks more convincing than the non-reflection subject. Put a Border on the photograph. Photo can be taken with any camera, i.e DSLR, SLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Smartphone, etc... . This challenge was originally ran in August 2010. For an example, please see http://www.dpreview.com/challenges/Entry.aspx?ID=296765&View=Results&Rows=4
Starts: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014
Processing rules: No composites please. Cropping is OK, but do not cut out / replace the background. Filters are allowed as long as the other rules are respected
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: Only entrants who have won at least one photo challenge in Dpreview.com can enter. I might consider allowing entries from beginner participants if their shot are on par with the rest of the entries. The total entry limit is now set at 55, might slightly increase the limit if this challenge is well received. Do not submit shots used in previously completed DPReview.com challenges. No political statements please, any photos with the slightest hint of controversial statement or message will be removed without any notice. Shots I find offensive might be removed. Make sure the entries look good and tasteful (at least you must find your own shot tasteful). (Watermark can be on the Border as it is considered part of the Photo) Complaints might not be entertained after the voting has ended. The host's action (or inaction) is up to him.
One Brown Leaf In this challenge, show us one natural brown leaf, its beauty, detail, veins and texture of the leaf. Macro and close-up photos welcome. The single brown leaf may be outside, still attached to the tree or plant, but it has probably fallen, and attracted you to it where it lies. Other leaves may be in the background, but there should only be one dominant leaf as the subject.This is the third of a series of challenges I am hosting about leaves, so collect shots of single leaves in orange, red, and multi-coloured, for these later challenges. Purple, pink and blue leaves will also have their own challenges, but I think they will be multiple leaves, as it is probably difficult to find examples of single leaves in these colours. Size of entry: 1,600px MAXIMUM
Starts: Saturday, 26 Jul 2014
Processing rules: SIZE: Longer side of entry, MAXIMUM 1600px. Full colour only. No glaringly obvious HDR or extreme post-processing. If it hurts my eyes, it's out! TITLE: Give your entry a title or name, not just a file number. NO watermarks or forms of identification, or personal website references.
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: Photos from previous DPR challenges can be entered in this challenge, but no photos which have won previous DPR challenges, please. Two entries per person, but they should be a different subject. PLEASE vote on other entries, to counteract the sandbaggers. Entrants who cheat by sandbagging, vote manipulation, or with multiple DPR accounts will be DQ'd from my challenges.
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