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Grass & Grasses This nature challenge focuses on grass, the most prolific plant species in the world, and which we often take for granted. Each day, we walk or play on it, eat the grains produced by it, (wheat, rice, corn, etc) use it for building construction, food production (bamboo, thatching or sugar cane), and use it to bind unstable soil or sand through its tough, but shallow fibrous root system. Generally speaking, grasses rely on wind for pollination rather than insects or other creatures. Check Wikipedia for more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poaceae. Your entries might be of manicured lawns, green grassy fields, cereal crops ripening, or Macro shots of grains, stalks of grass, seed heads, etc etc. I will accept photos of cereal grains, but not bread made from them, nor whisky from barley, sugar crystals from sugar cane, as that is going too far from the theme. Size 1,600px MAXIMUM.
Starts: Saturday, 31 Jan 2015
Processing rules: SIZE: Longer side of entry, MAXIMUM 1600px. Full colour only. No glaringly obvious HDR or extreme post-processing. If it hurts my eyes, it's out! TITLE: Give your entry a title or name, not just a file number. NO watermarks or forms of identification, or personal website references.
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: Photos from previous DPR challenges can be entered in this challenge, but no photos which have won previous DPR challenges, please. Two entries per person, but they should be a different subject. PLEASE vote on other entries, to counteract the sandbaggers. Entrants who cheat by sandbagging, vote manipulation, or with multiple DPR accounts will be banned from my challenges.
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