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- Rich Vivid Colours - Painted Buildings (+ Border) Take an outdoors dayshot scenery with one or more than one building(s) as the main subject. It has to has eye catching rich vivid colour(s), but not too much that it looks ultra unnatural. It is preferred that the amount of human should be limited To less than 1% of the photo area. Put a Border around the photograph. Photo can be taken with any camera, i.e DSLR, SLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Smartphone, etc... .
Starts: Thursday, 28 May 2015
Processing rules: No photo doctoring please. Cropping is OK, but do not cut out / replace the background. Filters are allowed as long as the other rules are respected
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: Only entrants who have won at least one photo challenge in Dpreview.com can enter. I might consider allowing entries from beginner participants if their shot are on par with the rest of the entries. The total entry limit is now set at 85, might slightly increase the limit if this challenge is well received. Do not submit shots used in previously completed DPReview.com challenges. No political statements please, any photos with the slightest hint of controversial statement or message will be removed without any notice. Shots I find offensive might be removed. Make sure the entries look good and tasteful (at least you must find your own shot tasteful). Complaints might not be entertained after the voting has ended. The host's action (or inaction) is up to him.
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