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Bees, Please! This is always a very popular subject, so I'm repeating it for your enjoyment. You may enter any type of bee, whether it is a honey bee, a bumble bee, a carpenter bee, or a native bee. The bee/bees should be outside, on flowers, leaves, buzzing around, or just doing what bees do. NO flies, hoverflies, other insects or spiders. Macro and close-up shots welcome. Since I expect that this will be a popular challenge, ensure the size of your entry is correct before entering, and the other rules are met. Disqualified entrants may not be invited to resubmit. Size: MAXIMUM 1,600px on LONGER SIDE.
Starts: Saturday, 04 Jul 2015
Processing rules: SIZE: Longer side of entry, MAXIMUM 1600px. FULL colour only. No glaringly obvious HDR or extreme post-processing. If it hurts my eyes, it's out! TITLE: Give your entry a title or name, not just a file number. NO watermarks or forms of identification, or personal website reference
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: Photos from previous DPR challenges can be entered in this challenge, but no photos which have won previous DPR challenges, please. Two (2) entries per person allowed, but each entry should be a different subject. PLEASE vote on other entries, to counteract the sandbaggers, (those who give very low votes to quality entries in order to damage their chances of winning.) Entrants who cheat by sandbagging, vote manipulation or solicitation, or with multiple DPR accounts will be banned from my challenges.
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