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- Bird Legs : One Hot Sexy Babe with Legs from Heaven- (in Full Colours Only) Take a dayshot or a well lit shot of one young female human adult who has gorgeous slim legs to go with her petite/svelte figure and alluring face. She could be in any pose; bending over to pick up her laundry, taking out a cake out of the oven, standing in the kitchen making her man a sandwich, walking the dog after taking a morning swim, sitting on the stairs sipping coffee, reaching down to clean your wheels in a car wash, lying in bed with her pins and high heels pointing up in the air, or posing on a treadmill looking all hot and sweaty after a workout, or she could be Rihanna belting out a song on stage... anything as long as it meets the theme. Photo can be taken with any camera. Sunset/sunrise shots are acceptable provided they are not those silhouette type of shots. There can be other people in the shot as long as they are not distracting the viewer's attention.
Starts: Monday, 12 Oct 2015
Processing rules: Composites are not allowed; minor dust cloning is OK. Cropping is OK, but do not cut out / replace the background. Filters are allowed as long as the other rules are respected.
Capture date rule: No restrictions
Additional rules: The total entry limit is now set at 75, but I might increase the limit if this challenge is well received. No political statements please, any photos with the slightest hint of controversial statement or message will be removed without any notice. Shots I find offensive might be removed. Make sure the entries look good. Complaints might not be entertained after the voting has ended. The host's action (or inaction) is up to him.
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