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Mark Banas | Published on Mar 6, 2014 |
Remote camera control and wi-fi image transfer are now available to Pentax K-3 users in the form of the O-FC1 FluCard. We take a look at what this customized, Wi-Fi SD card does, how it works, and how it compares to other solutions.
Mike Perlman | Published on Feb 21, 2014 |
The Eye-Fi Mobi targets beginners and mobile device fanatics with its simple setup and easy-to-use design. How does the Mobi stack up against the pricier Eye-Fi Pro X2 card? Read on to find out.
Barney Britton | Published on Dec 1, 2013 |
Social photography didn't always mean snapshot selfies taken on a smartphone. For this list we've selected five of our top recommendations for cameras that you should consider taking out socially, to informal or special occasions.
Barney Britton | Published on Apr 19, 2012 |
Samsung has just announced three new Wi-Fi-equipped NX models - the NX20, NX210 and entry-level NX1000. We spent some time with Samsung in Korea prior to their announcement, and got an exclusive opportunity to ask senior executives about their vision for the future of the NX line.
Barney Britton | Published on Mar 15, 2012 |
Dpreview is in Seoul, South Korea, with Samsung. Sunhong Lim - VP Sales & Marketing in Samsung's Digital Imaging division, spoke to us at length about his vision of Samsung's role in shaping the future of cameras as mobile communication devices.

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